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There is little getting away from the fact that if you are really truly serious about losing some of that excess weight, then you are going to need some heavy artillery in the form of some solid, honest and straight talking tips for losing weight to help you achieve what you set out to do.

That's because there are plenty of articles offering advice on the many different types of diets that are available and plenty of articles offering exercise and fitness advice, but you need to combine this information to really make it work.

You can pretty much ignore all the articles you are going to find online that will try to sell you some magic pill or potion that is the latest in vogue miracle remedy for obesity. That's because most of them are of no more value to you than things you can do that are natural and cost you nothing.

weight lossLet's take a quick overview of what I'm talking about here as a kind of introduction to what this section of the website is mainly focused on. Here is some zero cost advice on using some similarly zero cost methods to make the excess pounds and unwanted inches shrink away.

Drinking Water

Take for instance drinking eight glasses of pure, plain water every day, which will help to not only keep you hydrated but less likely to feel tempted to snack on high calorie snacks because you won't feel hungry all the time.

However, the best tip you can get anywhere for shedding those unwanted excess pounds is that by combining a healthy diet with sufficient daily exercise, you can raise your metabolism. You can raise it enough to cause your body to burn fat and ergo lose weight.

Did you know the best part is that the exercise will also have the very positive effect of toning up your body while making it look slimmer? Well that's exactly what it does! This is something you can't easily do with a low calorie diet alone.

Exercise to Burn Fat

The whole process is governed by medical fact that when you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. Now this may not happen right away, as the process takes a little time and some work on your part.

If you are in a hurry to lose weight, you need to stop yourself right there and realize that the process cannot be accelerated and expected to be long lasting. By taking things at a realistic pace, you will not only lose the weight you want to lose, but set up a process that will allow you to keep those unwanted pounds off in the long term.

Eating the Right Food

eat the right foodOK, no amount of wishing to be smaller will ever make any difference to your size unless you stop eating all the fat producing foods and switch to eating only the right things that your body actually needs to be at its correct size while also being healthy and strong.

Diet is the all-important major component of any weight management strategy. Get that part right and all else is made easier.

A good, healthy and sensible eating strategy is all it takes. Ditch everything you used to buy from the supermarket that came in a packet or a can and switch to fresh foods like those fruits and vegetables that populate that section of the supermarket you never wander into except by mistake!

OK, joking aside, way too many overweight people simply don't buy fresh food or bother to prepare and cook it for themselves. They rely on packaged, ready-to-eat foods or easy cook stuff that if they bothered to read the list of ingredients would soon realize why that stuff is making them fat!

What Foods to Avoid

Any food that has sweeteners such as sugar or sugar substitutes such as High Fructose Corn Syrup/Starch (HFCS) which is one of the worst fat making substances ever to enter the food chain. Also avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Nutrasweet) because these come packed with their own brand of evil nastiness that will take an entire article all on its own to explain.

Avoid foods high in dairy produce, bleached (white) flour, trans fats (from foods cooked in vegetable oils) and pretty much anything that is processed, including processed meats. Opt for wholegrain-based foods if you must have bread or pasta and lay off cakes and cookies for obvious reasons.

Stay away from all soda drinks, whether regular (sweetened) or artificially sweetened lo-cal versions because they are ALL bad, bad, bad! Don't eat ice cream, yohurt, milk shakes or other dairy-based desserts because most of them are loaded with sugar. Especially avoid low-fat foods because the fat is just replaced with sugar!

Lastly, stay away from the big bad fast food junk offenders such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, fries etc. You know the ones I'm talking about. That includes just about everything from fast food restaurants and take outs.

What is Left to Eat?

While there are a lot of foods you really need to stay away from, there are a surprising number of foods that are good to eat, taste great and all help your body to burn fat, not store it. As already mentioned, fresh produce is the way to go.

Fresh vegetables and fruit are all healthy, particularly if you can source organic produce to avoid pesticides and GMO crops that cannot be good for anyone in any way.

If you really want to go for it, eat vegetables raw, chopped or grated to make them more easily digestible but not too easy. I say that because raw food is harder for the digestive system to work on and it actually uses far more energy to digest that raw food. That means you actually burn more calories simply processing raw food. Just stick to raw fruit, vegetables nuts, seeds and pulses. Not raw meat!

When you know what to expect from the process of slimming, which is gradual reduction in body size and mass while your body is acclimatizing to its new routine of healthy food and exercise, then you can appreciate that what you are working towards is your own good health and a better looking body. This is, after all, what losing weight should really be all about.

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