Battling Obesity and Winning

Have ever found yourself wondering about battling obesity and winning the fight to lose weight and regain a healthier body shape to avoid health issues related to being so overweight?

You are not alone. One of the most dangerous health problems the world faces in recent year is obesity.

If you need to learn how to combat your weight and win, this might help you.

Clinically Obese

It's not much fun being told by your doctor that you are clinically obese and that you must lose a considerable amount of weight or face the consequences that could include bringing about an early end to your life.

Many people, when faced with the choice of radically changing their lifestyle or staying as they are will amazingly choose to bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem will go away all by itself.

battlng obesity and winningOf course that never happens and the ultimate price is often paid. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Want to Win

One of the biggest hurdles that obese patients need to get over is their own fear of doing something that they believe will be difficult, which is, in their case, attempting to overcome obesity and shed a lot of weight over what can often be a considerable length of time. This can also be overcome but the person has to want it.

It's no good trying to convince someone that they can do something when they have made up their mind that they cannot. But you can show a person how other people have done it and let them make their own conclusions.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water...

In some cases it really can seem like the old proverb that says, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it."

What you have to do is show him the water and then hope that he gets thirsty enough to want to drink it all by himself.

The same kind of thing does for obesity patients. They can be shown the solutions that are available to them, but they will ultimately have to decide that they are going to work with them.

Once that hurdle has been crossed, progress can then be made with successful results in many cases.

Pushing the Boundaries to Lose Weight Faster

While many experts tend to agree that it is quite normal to lose weight at a moderate rate between one and two pounds per week, that doesn't mean that it is wrong to try and lose some of that weight a little faster.

As long as you stick to natural methods and don't try any dangerous stunts like starving yourself or trying to run a half marathon when you have done zero exercise for the last three years, there are ways and means to speed up at least the initial amount of weight that can be lost.

Dieting Plus Exercise

One of the best ways of achieving fast measurable weight loss results is to be fairly strict with your diet while combining it with an exercise program. At the same time, you can enhance these basic strategies by making sure you drink at least two pints of plain water every day and also include a cup or two of green tea in place of coffee or black tea.

Make sure your diet is free from all processed foods, sugar laden or high calorie snacks and you stay away as much as possible from bread and other refined flour based products. This way, you will naturally reduce your calorie intake. You also help your body by reducing refined sugars, which you can replace with fruit sugars if you wish as it's a lot healthier to eat fresh fruit than candy bars as a snack!

Meal Replacement Diets

While there are a number of convenient meal replacement diet programs available to help people lose weight, such as the Nutrisystem diet, which is very popular in the United States, these are generally best made use of as a first step to restricting your daily calorie load and reducing meal portion sizes. They are not generally sustainable in the longer term.

Keep active and work to increase the amount of exercise you do each day. Push the boundaries of what you can do while still keeping within the limits of what is healthy and you will lose weight faster while improving your health along the way.

Cutting Down on Refined Sugar to Lose Weight

It may sound perfectly obvious to anyone with the slightest knowledge of physiology, but eating too much refined sugar is a sure way to gain weight and if it is not kept within moderate levels, could even result in obesity.

cut down on sugerEven if you are not eating the obvious contenders for an increased waistline such as candy bars, cakes and cookies, you could still be eating food that contains high levels of refined sugars and not be aware of the fact.

It is often this ignorance of the amount of refined sugars that are contained in everyday foods that causes a lot of the problems people have with their weight and are at a loss to understand why that should be.

Make Sensible Food Choices

The trick, of course is to avoid unhealthy food choices by making sure you read the labels on food packaging before you buy it and note the list of ingredients.

If sugar is close to the beginning of the list of ingredients, then there is generally a lot of it in the product. This is a hit and miss way of gauging exact figures, but is a good way of making rough estimates.

Avoid Added Sugar

One of the best basics of losing weight you can get is to avoid as many foods that have sugar (and sugar substitutes) included in the list of ingredients as possible. That includes drinks as well, as many kinds of soda and flavoured fruit juices contain high levels of sweeteners such as sugar and/or sugar substitutes.

It is not always so obvious on packaging labels as often refined sugar is replaced by another sweetening agent that is just as bad, such as high fructose corn syrup or anything that simply has "sucrose" or "fructose"on the label.

Read Food Labels

Food packaging is required to provide the energy content of the food or liquid inside, so it is also worth calculating the number of calories (often labelled as kCals) for the whole product as it is often printed for a certain amount, such as 100 grams.

Staying away from products with a high calorie count that comes mainly from refined sugar is the best way to keep your weight down naturally. But what can you do if you've been dieting and your progress becomes stalled for whatever reason?

How to Restart a Stalled Diet

If you are one of those people who got started with a program to get in shape and things started out well for you, but before too long you found that your efforts had stalled, don't despair. Because there is a simple solution for restarting a stalled diet.

It is simple in that it forces you to look hard at your particular strategy and then strip away all the unnecessary complexity that goes with it.

Keep it Simple

That's including external factors such as your own lifestyle and the people and circumstances that surround you.

When you sit down and take a long hard look at the real basic tips for weight loss which are no more complex that eating right and exercising daily, then all the barriers that you had most likely put up in your own path will fall away.

No More Mystery

This will happen because once you simplify what once appeared complex, the mysteries are taken out of the process and its simplistic core is laid bare before you.

The next step can only be taken or instigated by one person and that person is you. You must decide that you will set about doing whatever it takes from your own perspective.

Aim for Your Goal

It has to be in line with our own personal needs to shed the amount of weight that is necessary for you to lose. The aim is of course to regain the physical body weight and figure that you have set for yourself in your imagination.

Once you have made that decision to continue and persevere with a traditional diet sheet or an affordable home delivered diet, you may pleasantly surprise yourself at what you can achieve. Your diet can continue as before and the pounds can drop off as they were in the initial stages.

Waking Up to Obesity and What to Do

Getting a call from your doctor with your latest check up results to tell you that you are clinically obese is no laughing matter. It can, for some people, be a severe blow to their confidence and can even lead to depression and worse, eating for comfort.

To others, it is a serious wake up call that hey had better start making some serious changes in their lives staring right now.


When you are really looking hard to find the way back from obesity, there are several different strategies that you can try to make a big difference in your own life.

Losing weight is the first port of call and this is usually where many people seem to either fall down because they can't seem to make it work or they lose interest altogether. That is a shame, because it is really only a case of getting your head straight so that you can think in a positive way about what it is that you need to do.

What Are the Best Tips for Easily Losing Weight?

If you are in search of some really doable ways of losing weight, then you don't have to be concerned that they may all be nothing more than myths.

There are several ways to lose the excess pounds without putting in much effort at all and some that are positively simple to employ.

Drink More Water

As easy to apply tips go, probably one of the simplest of all is to drink lots of plain water, especially in place of soda and juices if you are used to drinking them.

This is an excellent way of giving your body a much needed detox as well as boosting your digestive system's ability to do it job more efficiently. Also, if you are considering going on a diet and want some advice, drinking water before each meal helps with digestion and makes you feel fuller, faster, so you don't feel like you need to snack on something afterwards.

Avoid Distractions

Another really simple tip for dropping a few pounds without doing much at all is by learning to eat more slowly and to do it without any distractions, like the TV or radio or by reading stuff like magazines or newspapers. Eating slower reduces the amount of fat you body stores from food because the digestive system has more chance to process all the food more efficiently.

Avoiding distractions also helps with digestion, because you place your full focus on your food. Try it, it really works!

Why it is Better Not to Lose Weight Rapidly

Many people who come to the realization that they need to lose weight being by believing that they should go all out to lose it as fast as they can. This however is not the best way of doing it and in some cases can actually be harmful to your health.

There are of course many rapid weight loss strategies to avoid. This is simply because they are giving you ideas on losing weight faster than you really need to unless of course there are reasons why you need to reduce your weight so fast.

Take it Slow

However in general, most people will be better off losing weight more slowly and surely by taking regular exercise and eating a healthy, fresh food diet. This because when you pace yourself in this respect, you not only work with your body to attain a healthy rate of weight reduction, but you also give yourself a better chance of keeping the weight off once you have lost it.

This is an important consideration as it is really the long term benefits of maintaining a healthy weight that make the initial work so worthwhile.

Far more worthwhile, in fact than instead of going to all that trouble and putting yourself through all that pain and hardship in forcing yourself to lose the excess pounds so quickly. The result is often that you will simply put those pounds back on again over the ensuing weeks once you stop whatever you were doing to lose it.

Get Determined and Stick with It

But once you can set yourself up with some real fired up determination and then make a commitment to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to lose that weight, then magic starts to happen. You suddenly become one of those people who seem to lose weight easily, without forcing the issue in any way.

Of course, other people looking at your from afar won't know what you are doing to make it work for you, they will just see some amazing results!