Six Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

If you're looking for solutions to being overweight, discovering these six ways to lose weight naturally and effectively can be just what you've been looking for!

Weight loss products have hit the market in force, promising quick and easy solutions to losing weight with a magic pill or easy solution with no hard work required.

While these options may seem tempting, there is no easy solution to quick weight loss without a bit of dedication required.

six ways to lose weightPill supplements can be expensive and ineffective, or the weight goes right back on when they are no longer used.

Along with a barrage of side effects, people looking to lose weight naturally now have healthy and holistic approaches to weight loss that have been proven over centuries.

These are far safer than over the counter alternatives.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water is essential to any weight loss plan. But, what many fail to realize is that the temperature of water can also be vital to achieving results.

Cold water burns calories as it is integrated into the body. Drinking hot or warm water is also a proven technique that works by cleaning out the lymphatic system in the body, which makes fat loss work more quickly.

Having a cup of hot water also serves to curb cravings and will lower the appetite for unhealthy snack foods that will combat weight loss efforts.

2. Exercise at Peak Times

Choosing the right time to exercise within a busy schedule is a key to improving results in weight loss. Morning exercise routines are key elements in boosting metabolism and fat loss.

However, with today’s busy regimens, morning exercise is not always possible. Exercising in the mid to late afternoon before having dinner has also proven to be an effective time of day to boost the body’s ability to combat fat and burn calories more efficiently.

It is important to consistently exercise for at least half an hour to an hour every day with a wide variety of tools, integrating cardiovascular exercises with resistance or weight training to encourage the growth of lean muscle, while burning fat.

3. Eat Big Meals at the Right Times

Eating the biggest meal of the day between ten am and two pm is a centuries old technique for triggering effective fat loss. Mid day, the body is awake and primed for integrating food nutrients while burning off excess fat.

By giving the body time after waking to kick start the metabolism and begin every day functions, and prior to going home and relaxing, a big mid day meal can give your body the nutrients it most needs to function efficiently. It also gives it the time it needs to flush out excess fats.

While fitting a large, healthy lunch into a busy schedule at work can be challenging, this proven and time-honored technique works at achieving quick results. Eating a light yet nutritious breakfast, a large but healthy lunch and a light dinner of salad or a lean protein meat provides adequate nutrition and fuel for workouts while optimizing the body’s natural ability to integrate nutrients and burn off excess calories more effectively.

This technique may be at odds with the methodology of some of the diet food delivery programs such as how Nutrisystem works, but it is very much worth trying if you have the time and are not time constrained. Nutrisystem may be a successful method for busy people with little time for structured dieting, but it is not for everyone.

4. Avoid Processed Foods

While processed foods are everywhere and whole foods are more difficult to find, processed foods give a sluggish quality to the body and require far more energy to process than natural foods do. These are the food products you'll find on every supermarket shelf in their droves.

Eating processed foods continually triggers fat gain and does not always provide the nutrition needed for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In fact, they can contain so many toxins and fat-making sugars that they should absolutely be avoided at all costs if you're serious about losing weight.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks

Instead of reaching for the potato chips or popcorn, keep fruits and vegetables on hand for snack cravings instead. An all natural and healthy alternative to greasy snack foods, fruits and vegetables provide excellent nutrition and much needed vitamins and minerals the body needs to maintain healthy function while cutting out the hunger pangs associated with normal dieting.

Also substituting snack foods with nuts, beans or seeds adds protein to a balanced diet without all the additives usually found in snack foods.

6. Focus on Greens

All green, leafy vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients the body needs to survive in a well-balanced and healthy diet. Available anywhere and with many different varieties to choose from, greens should be a part of every single meal.

Adding a Romaine salad with a small serving of organic and lean meat gives the body balance, and encourages weight loss and metabolism. Often absent from the typical American diet, there are many recipes available to integrate this key, natural ingredient into any food plan.

Not receiving an adequate helping of greens can cause extra cravings when the body needs nutrients it is not regularly receiving.

While a holistic approach to weight loss may seem a pricey solution to losing weight, by avoiding the miracle pills advertised in the market, a healthy and organic diet is far more practical than it seems.

By avoiding costs associated with many fad diets and instead focusing on a balanced and nutritious plan, weight loss is guaranteed to fit any lifestyle or budget. By maintaining a balanced and healthy diet with unprocessed foods, results are quick and noticeable and the body will be healthier overall.

This is a Guest Post by: Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker realizes the importance of keeping her body in peak, physical condition, even as she heads into her forties.