Exercise and Fitness

To keep the body in tip top condition physically, we need to make sure it gets enough of the right kinds of activity. We do that through exercise and fitness training to strengthen and build up the muscle groups in our physical bodies.

There are many ways in which we can accomplish a fitter, stronger and more resilient body. That's the main topic for discussion in this section of the website.


exercise fitnessYes we all know what it is and usually we don't like doing it if we can help it. But let me tell you how it can be possible that you may come to agreeing with it on both mental and physical levels.

We know that active states of motion under load or even rigorous tension will cause the release of certain chemicals throughout the body's central nervous system into the blood stream. This release is naturally very good for not only your current state of being, but also helps with your every day energy consuming cycle.

Here's how that works:

When you get excited or really fired up over something, certain different chemicals are released into the body. Endorphins are probably the best known and most notable of these. We also know that whenever endorphins are released, the body experiences a surge of energy that almost jolts the system's speed.

Another well known naturally produced chemical is adrenaline. Whenever adrenaline is released into the blood stream for whatever reason, with exercise being a common trigger, the body goes through a sudden, brief transformation of naturally heightened energy. Even your major senses sharpen and heighten, which can help you complete the task or specific exercise at hand.

The main reason I've given you some insight into this bodily response and mentioned these two examples is to help you further understand what's happening in your body. These naturally occurring chemicals that the body self-produces and regulates can help give balance to the natural flow of energy or chi, within every fiber of your being.


We make good use of our body's ability to extend its physical boundaries with the help of the release of natural compounds when stimulated by heightened activity. It enables us to workout for longer and at a tougher rate which forces our muscles to work harder and grow stronger over time.

This process results in what we know as fitness. It basically is a measure of how our bodies are able to complete active tasks. The fitter that we are, the more and tougher tasks we are able to manage.

The aim of anyone who exercises regularly is to improve their own personal level of fitness so that they can do more of what they are already doing and extend their physical boundaries and push their limits. A highly trained athlete is capable of performing feats that an unfit person would never be able to without causing themselves physical damage.

That's why we have so many gymnasiums for regular folks to attend as and when they need to and sports centers for those who prefer to engage in different kinds of sporting activities to attain the level of fitness they desire. Of course, you don't need to use a particular facility to get fit. Simply going for a walk or a run through the streets can do much the same thing.

The aim of course is to get the body releasing the necessary chemicals to promote physical growth, strength and stamina through exercise. The point I'm trying to make of course is that when these chemicals are released, it is very good for you. With that said, welcome to the exercise section of the site.

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