Fitness Euphoria

Is it actually possible to create a feeling of euphoria simply from performing high levels of physical activity on a regular basis? The answer is fascinating!

So yesterday I had an interesting revelation. Actually I don't know how much of a revelation this can be because it wasn't the first time that this has dawned on me.

These bodily feelings combined with uplifting thoughts all meshed together and truly made me feel just better about myself. It wasn't even so much about what I just accomplished, it was just that I was accomplishing to begin with.

Just the sheer notion of it gave way to a truly uplifting feeling.

Natural Energy

natural energyI know I've mentioned this to you guys before on my Exercise page in the introduction. It was bringing to light the concepts on how adrenaline dumps and the releasing of endorphin's can greatly benefit your bodies natural and regular chemistry.

But I'd like to expand on this just a bit more because it keeps on happening to me as a real experience. I like making recommendations to others on things that work for me (or that I've experienced), or something I know that I haven't personally experienced, but would seem to hold and provide real value.

Exercise as a way of boosting energy is something that I do on a regular basis and I highly recommend it.

But why?

What can it really do for me you ask? Well let me tell you.

Major Mood Change

I was walking out of the gym I go to yesterday and something happened. Something unusually extravagant. I was actually having a bad day, and was upset earlier on from a number of different things.

Still, I went to the gym and had a solid workout. As I was leaving something hit me.

Something came over me that I never really could see until now because it took having a bad day to show me this. I went from being upset and irritable, to higher spirits all in the same day, and fairly quickly.

For me, exercise seems to bring me a great sense of accomplishment, productiveness, and even happiness. So it's not just about burning calories, losing weight, or toning your body anymore. I think exercise is the balance beam we hold when walking across the tight rope we call life.

How Much Exercise?

Now enough about me. Let's talk about you. How often do you exercise?

That's the first thing you should ask yourself.

Is it enough?

Is it practically nothing?

Or is it even something like excessive?

Maybe it isn't so much about the amount itself. Exercise is really about two things. These are amount and intensity. Then it's a matter of finding a way to balance these two principles in order to fit your lifestyle best.

Once you find that balance, you'll soon realize that your body is more awake. It feels different. It's almost like you're more alive.

Regular Exercising

It is my contention that the more you exercise regularly, the better you'll feel. Additionally, the more of these highs and lows your body experiences throughout your week the better you'll sleep, eat, and respond to others.

Others will feel charged with your positive energy as it is emanating from you through a stronger more visible aura.

The more of these highs and lows the better. Your body actually craves variance.

A static, lethargic, and sedentary lifestyle can even lead one down an actual path of health complications. Another golden rule of health is the less energy you expand or use, the less you'll have.

The body readjusts itself to your lifestyle so if your using very little energy all the time, your body will adjust itself to a lower power setting and run more of the time on this setting than not.

Mix it Up

So variance is key. Mixing things up and knowing when to go hard, and when to take it easy. This idea can even be applied during your workouts.

Maybe one day you didn't catch as much sleep as you'd like so you already know because your a little sleepy you won't be performing at your highest level. That's fine.

You can still get out there and move around, just don't try setting any new records for yourself that day. Maybe you have a ton of energy and you don't even know why.

On days like these don't even question it, just embrace it, and take advantage.

Elation and Joy

This fitness euphoria comes often I think. Sometimes it does maybe immediately following your workout, or maybe 1, 2, or even several hours following it. Similar to a satisfying meal, this feeling really tells your brain that your body is saying, "Hey good job today."

So the next time you have a good sweat try to acknowledge this more.

You'll notice that these feelings of rejuvenation and happiness are almost like a reward for your hard work. While this as your bonus, don't forget what else you've taken away from a good workout.

You burned some calories, tightened up some muscle and probably lost some weight along the way.

Fitness is Vital

So as you can see exercising can really doe a multitude of things for you. Fitness really is an important aspect of our lives.

Even for those that live very busy working lives, I'd suggest trying to squeak in smaller based workouts here and there. As for the rest of us, its time to really just embrace fitness for what it is.

The better terms you come to with exercising psychologically, the faster of a progression you'll see with yourself and your body. In the end, the accompanying feelings through fitness are not only real, but can help give way to all new discoveries of self enlightenment.