Right Way, Wrong Way, Smart Way

There are three ways to go about taking care of yourself, making sure you're healthy, fit and in good shape.

After all, the main aim in life is to maintain the best possible level of healthfulness and well being that you possibly can, right?

Now you might think that because you've done a bit of research and identified the general rules of health that you're in the clear. Now it's just up to you to follow through with these rules of guidelines that you've discovered. Wrong!

right-way-wrong-wayIt's obvious that you will need to look closely at what you're eating and how much exercise you're getting each day, but there's more to it than just that.

This is true whether you are merely wanting to lose a few pounds to look good in a swim suit, or you are battling obesity and perhaps desperate to prevent the many related illnesses that accompany this state of being.

For the purposes of this article, there are three ways to take care of your body.

They are: The right way; the wrong way and the smart way. Let's take each in turn and discover what it all means.

The Right Way

I'll start with the right way. Basically as I just described, you've done your homework or research and know or at least have a general idea on what road you should take.

There's just one small problem with that. The "right" way isn't always applicable because general rules and guidelines of health don't always work and apply to the individual.

It would be like saying every human being alive has an identical body with an identical physique, metabolic rate, caloric intake ratio, etc. Just remember, we are all different so yeah take some general health, exercise and diet advice here and there from your doctor or your mother.

But ultimately, you know what's best for yourself out of everyone. That's because it's your body and yours alone.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way is obvious and I won't have to go into great detail here. Procrastination is a big killer in this department and can lead you down a road of disappointment.

Putting off exercise or starting a new diet I've seen one too many times in my life and it's frustrating just to watch the person pathologically deceive themselves time and time again.

Oh, and focusing only on weight loss and ignoring the health aspect of the process is not a good idea either.

For now, I'll leave you with procrastination as one example of a road block to be wary about and losing weight as the other. And in a future article I'll talk more about these things.

The Smart Way

Now onto the coup de grâce. The smart way. Listen carefully now. Simply put, in a nutshell, it's about factoring in two variables.

The first being your individual health, what you excel at physically, what you love to eat that's healthy, and what you could see yourself in the future excelling at and what you could come to love eating by experimentation with new dishes and recipes.

The second piece is taking what you've absorbed from others with a grain of salt. Getting as much feedback as you can from friends and family. Take note of what's working for how others are doing things. Then try these things out and see for yourself.

Get a bunch of recommendations from people you know and trust. And take note of them now and for the future.

And there you have it. The right, the wrong, and the alpha of the group: the smart. As long as you remind yourself that these three exist, you'll eventually gravitate towards one way of doing things. Hmm, I wonder which one?