Unhealthy Foods List

There are certain foods when dieting that you should avoid. Today, we're faced with a barrage of appealing looking foods that are mostly to be avoided if trying not to put on any extra pounds.

In this post, I'll be pointing out some of the main food categories and food types to steer clear from. I better warn you now, it won't be pretty!

Normally if you are dieting here's some advice: It's best to eat homemade foods versus eating out.

Home Cooked or Takeaway

food listNow I know you're already thinking well duh, that's stating the obvious. But many of us don't have the time to prepare and make lunch, or a breakfast and have to eat something on the road because of our work schedules.

In this case, it's a little harder to narrow down meals outside of home base that have nutritional value, taste good and aren't fattening. Sure, most of them will taste good. Restaurants and takeaways have that side covered so they can sell more, of course!

However, nutritional value and propensity for leading to weight gain in foods that are sold are low on the sellers' list of importance in most cases. They are not so much concerned that you might be battling with obesity as much as how much money you're going to spend.

That means it's all down to you, the eager dieter, to figure it out for yourself or lose the battle with your belly.

What to Avoid

Below I've shared my own little list pointing out some obvious and the maybe not so much obvious foods that should be steered clear of if you want to be healthy and maybe lose weight.

Here's an idea. Got a smart phone? Or even have a phone that you can store and save little memos or notes?

Make a list for yourself and refer back to this list whenever you are in need of some diet or nutritional self guidance. It doesn't have to look exactly like mine. This is more of just an example or skeleton list.

The more details you have about each specific food or food type, the better. This way, you'll keep on re-remembering those nutritional facts over and over by referring to them on a consistent basis.

Good luck guys.

The List (Unhealthy Foods)

Love it or hate it, food is health. Whether that health is good or bad is your choice. Here are what NOT to choose:

  1. Fried Foods (of any kind, remember there are different oils for foods to be fried in but ultimately are still fatty)
  2. Butter and other spreads (margarine is NOT a good alternative. Organic based jams are OK for bagels, toast, etc, but be frugal when spreading)
  3. Sauces, salsas, melted cheeses
  4. Microwave popcorn
  5. Canned tomatoes (long story, maybe for another post)
  6. Salty snacks (primarily chip products, some organic are safe, pretzels & saltines are safe too)
  7. Salad dressings (check these thoroughly)
  8. Gravy and other dipping sauces
  9. Fast Food (don't waste your time trying to decode the menu, all fast food is bad unless it's a salad)
  10. And sadly most desserts (sugar overload!) Note: article on acceptable healthy desserts

Note: The more processed something is, the worse it is.

A rule of thumb: less ingredients = less preservatives and added sugar = less fattening.