Somato Specific Nutrition

This is an intriguing subject that I’d like to lightly touch upon today. So what is somato specific nutrition anyway? Well we all have different somatotypes or body types that differ from one another. These types can be generally broken down into three types.

- Endomorph

- Mesomorph

- Ectomorph

As you can see in the illustration, endomorphs tend to be naturally thicker carrying more natural body fat than the other two. Mesomorphs are the folks that have what is considered to be an average physique consisting of a fair share of both natural fat and muscle mass without either one out showing the other. The last one is called a ectomorph. These are people that are generally thinner naturally and not producing as much fat or even muscle for that matter. This results in a much lankier appearance where often times bone is more visible than anything.

So we all have different fitness goals and that is where these somatotypes can come into more careful consideration. You see different somatotypes require different nutrition programs in order to reach their specific fitness goals. This can often times be hugely important in body building or body reshaping where the persons goal is to maximize muscle development and minimize fat production simultaneously.

What somato specific nutrition does is matching the right diet with the right somatotype. Gaining muscle could prove very difficult without the proper diet accompanying your regiment. So what somato type are you? Actually many people can be a mixture or combination of different somato types. You yourself could be a somatotype mix such as an endo-meso, ecto-meso, endo-ecto, and so on.

Another way visible way that somatotypes can differ is in their actual shape. Yes some of us have different natural fat and muscle composition percentages but also the shape or form of the person can differ on a wide spectrum. For example, endomorphs could be a more round shaped person while an ectomorph could be a more linear and narrowly shaped person. This is a weird post I know, but still true.

Now where can you find out more about this? Okay so you know or think you have an idea of what somatotype you are. You’re looking to either put on some lean muscle or you’re looking to tighten the muscle you already have and grow it some more while burning the fat around it at the same time. But you don’t know exactly how somato specific nutrition applies to all this. Well of course I have the leader of this field and his program right here on somato specific nutrition. Give it a look if this has sparked your curiosity more than you initially suspected it would. Of course I’m sure it already has for you just as it did for me.

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