Setting Examples

A lot of times you don’t even know your doing this to begin with and that’s the whole beauty behind I think. When you set a positive example around others, it usually has an effect on them.

This might be tremendous, or it might be minuscule. Either way, by setting that positive example your unintentionally helping someone out without ever knowing it.

Only until recently I’ve discovered that I have to ability to help others tremendously with my own knowledge on certain things while not knowing I was doing it. Only until it was actually brought to my attention did I realize this is a really good thing happening here.

We all can do this.

Anyone can do this…

However, there is a flip side. You may be doing something that might influence a person in a bad way.

Like if you snort a line of blow in front of a close friend and tell them its harmless while they’re already in an adventurous mood, you just might have done yourself and them wrong there.

That’s a pretty ugly example but sometimes to get a point across you got to slap the chock board with a ruler.

So once a few close to me told me that if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t have done well for themselves in this one area of their lives, I realized then what was going on. I won’t go into details, but I’ve give you a hint, it had something to do with their health. Shocking I know!

Sometimes just giving your opinion on something turns on light bulbs in other peoples heads. Obviously the more thorough and detailed of an opinion you give to someone on something your very knowledgeable and familiar with, the better.

Take finance. I’m always up for listening to someone else give me advice on how they save or invest money. Its not my forte, but I’m always willing to learn something new about it because it intrigues me.

In return, I felt if I was given some genuinely awesome advice, I might feel compelled to reciprocate with some useful or helpful knowledge of my own on certain things. (you know, certain things)

What you have then is the passing along of useful and new information for free.

And that my friends, is how you make the world a better place!

God damn, I should go plant a tree while I’m at it.

Feelin’ the love today, what can I say. Its about blossoming these great interactions with others as long and as best as you can. And its also about letting go of the wrongs others have done to you at the same time.

I was recently done wrong by someone. I won’t say who because it really doesn’t matter. What mattered was how I handled it. At first, I didn’t handle it well at all because I was not only surprised by it, but being in the moment I could see that it was getting the better of me. It really ruffled my feathers.

The next day I realized, it isn’t important, and its significance is meaningless to me in the long run. So because of the fact that for the long term it doesn’t matter, then the short term might as well be assessed in the same manner.

The more you do this with the crud that comes along your way in life, the more you’ll be setting an example for you future self by doing this with your present self.

In a non metaphorical sense, how is crap dealt with? Its flushed down the toilet right? Why not do that with situational and emotional crap too? Its not like you need it, and the longer it stays around, the more it stinks up our day.

The next time you shed some light a topic in front of others that your relatively familiar with, don’t be afraid to give them your full 2 cents. I mean I’d rather have 1 cent than no cents, but would much rather have 2 cents than 1.

You never know, you might really help someone out without ever initially trying, or for that matter knowing.


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