How to Grow Old, But Remain Young

I like this concept that I would say comes up quite frequently in regular American adult life. Whether its at the office or at home, or out on the town, everyone can appreciate a young minded and young spirited individual.

There’s even a store now called forever 21. I went in the other day as a friend of mine worked there for a short while. Well, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary or unusual, it just seemed like a plain Jane clothing store. So why worth mentioning? Because of the mere fact that it exists is why.

On a cultural level we like to look and dress as being on the younger side. I mean not walking around with helicopter hats and torn overalls with bright red Chuck Taylor’s, but that college and almost high school look seems to be the trend in fashion these days.

Your as young as you feel though I say. Your as young as you act too. And if you find yourself uncomfortable around significantly younger people than yourself in a social situation, then there might be a slight problem here psychologically.

Listen there’s nothing wrong with those young kids, they’re harmless. In fact, you should feel more confident and comfortable than ever when your surrounded by younger people. Because you have something they don’t, and that’s experience. Just more days being alive gives you a slight edge in several departments.

On the flip side being around an older crowd shouldn’t be an issue either. I always felt there’s a lot to gain and a lot to learn from respectively older people than myself. Take it as an opportunity to listen and learn. Ask questions as much as you can as older wiser people than you are usually more than happy to oblige you with any knowledge they possess.

In either instance, you can benefit.

You can either be helping someone else out, or learning something new. And this isn’t to say that a younger person than yourself can’t teach you something, and that you can’t teach something new to an elderly.

Now aside from how we handle our interactions with others of various ages, let’s now focus on ourselves.

Obviously the main reason of why I even decided to bring this up in the first place is because I believe we can benefit from it health wise.

Think when you were a young kid and you had insane amounts of energy. You probably played a sport or did other kinds of physical activities all the time right? Think back and try to recall something for a second. Remember how easy it was? Remember how naturally it came?

This is obviously something I feel we should all strive towards. The inner kid in ourselves is always there. See we’ll always know and remember the kid we were, but we’ll never know what our future selves we’ll be exactly.

A good way to get an idea though I think is by keeping that inner youth alive inside us. This way, we can make a fair assessment of what’s to come. Always looking at yourself as a kid until the day you die is an easy and positive mindset I believe.

Staying forever young mentally promotes healthy acts that we did when we actually were young. If you always loved tennis or dancing as a kid, there should be no reason to cease loving it. I understand some of us have a mortgage, a pile a kids, and a spouse that could very well be the anti-Christ but just hasn’t broken the news to yet. These things can obviously age us.

This isn’t a matter of maturity or immaturity either. I can act like a 5 year old, or a 40 year old without a moments pause. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a time and place for both.

Here are basic examples. I guess the older version of yourself should be with you when your taking care of responsibilities like work and scholastic’s. The kid in you should be out basically the rest of the time! Sike, just kidding! Well, for me its almost on that level, but then again I’m nuttier than squirrel poo. When your out with friends, doing hobbies, playing sport, or whatever you do on a recreational level, that is when I think we need to let that inner kid really go and let loose!

But the main point again is that maybe for all of us, the most energetic and youthful version of ourselves, could be the healthiest version of ourselves. Its up to you to embrace this idea, and see where it might take you.

Remember there’s a huge difference in your kid cousins free time activities than your grandparents.

If you think young, you’ll act young. And acting young is more active minded. If you think old, you’ll act old. And old has gone way out of style last time I checked.


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