How to Find Your X Factor

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been around, been running around like a wallaby with its head cut off. But I’m now going back to my more regular and frequent posting schedule so don’t be alarmed! I didn’t fall off a cliff or anything. Although I always wanted to jump off one with one of those flying squirrel monkey suits that have the wings. You know the ones that let you glide and soar through the air? Never mind.

Anyway now that I’m back and here to stay I want to kick things off with an interesting yet relevant topic. I know I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but I feel it needs to be brought up again only this time channeled through a most appropriate analogy.

I’m talking about the television show The X Factor. Its really just a silly show that was brought to America originating I believe from the UK. For about the last week or so I’ve been watching some of it online finding it more and more entertaining. Its just a singing competition, but I think we can somehow relate it here back to living a healthier life. Let’s give it a shot.

On the show contestants have to sing for survival to get through to the next round, do duets, sing with well known stars, and on and on. I know in the previous post where talked about having an X factor was more of like finding your secret weapon. As if its something you have that’s right there, you just have to find it or acknowledge it.

I’m thinking a little differently now. Yes I believe everyone has there own unique X factor. Something that they can use that propels them towards certain goals in life perhaps faster or easier than others.

But maybe its more obvious than I originally might have thought. On the show I noticed something that stuck out like a soar thumb.

Certain contestants new how to pick the right song to impress all the judges (who come from different backgrounds) and accentuate there own unique strong suits of singing best. Some contestants simply new how to do this better than even others that had more natural talent.

It isn’t strictly now a singing competition. They were looking for someone who has personality, charm, charisma, illuminating positive energy, swagger, style, and of course the ability to win the crowd over. And sometimes this just can’t be done with a voice alone.

If you’ve let yourself go physically in the past couple months, or even several years, don’t think its over or “why bother”. Because if deep down you want to look and feel energized and in great shape, never say never.

Its never to late I say to get back on the band wagon of fitness and leading a healthier life. Even for you seniors out there that I love and adore, its possible. I see 50 and even 60+ year old people getting exercise all the time where some are even down right impressive.

I’ve been acquaintances with a few seniors in my life where they are in such good shape, that only I truly understand what they really are and have become. Perhaps better than themselves.

Inspiring stuff isn’t it?

Maybe a post on fit seniors soon? (noted!)

What I really think is that we all have a certain X factor, and that not one persons is greater than another ones. But that maybe, it can be. Or that by developing a skill set or particular natural talent, we all can have “the X factor” and win it all in the end.

The winner of the show got a 5,000,000 dollar recording contract and gets to be the star in the Pepsi Superbowl commercial. The winner was actually sent home and then brought back though, so what does that tell you?

Well it tells me that several others were favored at a certain point over the winner during the competition. If this was the case, then I guess all the finalists that remained when the winner was sent home could be described as having the “X Factor” in a sense right?

I want to raise another interesting point about the show.

When it was all said and done, I saw on a news feed online that several of the finalists were signed by major labels, or signed development deals with large networks/production companies, or both.

See what I’m getting at? The finalists all had their own unique X factor sort of speak, and in the end it paid off, handsomely so it would appear.

That’s what I think holds truth with all of us in a sense. That we all have this deep with inside our hearts and souls, and that all we have to do is realize that its there somewhere and unleash it. This will bring out your maximum potential by utilizing a skill set that just comes naturally to you.

Or even learning a new strategy or knowledge base new from scratch and slowly applying it carefully to your dieting and exercising practices.

You might purpose the idea of maybe just copying someone else and how they do physical activity. I think this could work better for dieting than exercise, because after all, we’re all snowflakes. Finding a uniqueness in yourself certainly shouldn’t involve copying another or even a combination of others you admire or envy.

You guys have to dig deep on this one. But remember, maybe your X factor isn’t sleeping and isn’t with you yet. Maybe you have to wake it up by going out and finding whatever it is exactly.


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