Here are a few articles that were written for article directory sites across the web that I wanted to organize and bundle together onto one page onsite. Some of these are more article based stylistically versus the posts on the main blog roll. Either way, I think you should be able to find something useful down there. Enjoy…


Healthy Desserts - That’s right, they do exist. Shocking isn’t it? Well it shouldn’t be.


Wine and You - Ah yes, the nectar of the Gods, who knew it was good for you? I didn’t until recently, silly me huh?


The Inferno Factor – The truths and myths behind grueling and extensive workout routines and how they can effect you


Snowflakes – Elaborating on individual health and wellness, how certain body types react differently to fitness and diet


Willpower, & Will Speed – Explores the ideas of personal reflection, drive and general attitude


It’s in Your Blood – Genetics and how they can be just so unfair, but there are ways to fight back against the double helix


Tick Tock Body Clock – Ah yes, people are like fine wine, most only get better with age, others turn sour into vinegar


A New Technique – Got mad skills? Sad to say technique is more important than you originally hoped


Mediterranean Diet – Deliciouso! Sorry can’t help it I’m southern Italian, but this diet could tantalize the senses of anyone


Gastric Bypass – The famous and dramatic weight losing surgery exposed!


Fasting Diet – Is fasting really a safe alternative to losing weight quick? Don’t knock it before you try it.


Low Calorie Diets – Probably the most common way to shed some pounds. How hard and annoying can it really be?


Behavior Modification – Sometimes it takes more than self discipline and a couple good sweats a week to reach that goal.


What’s A Good Weight for Me? – Everyone has their own unique range, sometimes its hard filing that weight range down


The Party Scene – Party!!!!!!! Yeah man! It’s good to get out and cut lose, but is this a good thing, in terms of health?


Fitness Frustrations - Don’t give up or quit just yet, quitting is not an option, the right direction doesn’t mean “short easy direction”.


Beer Fears – Stop being so paranoid and crack open a cold one!


Mind, Body, & Spirit - Understanding the mind and body relationship accompanied with spiritual identification

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