13603603_10206806320856622_986614494006803597_oEver since I can last remember, I’ve been a fitness enthusiast. All my life I’ve been able to keep focused on keeping myself healthy and active. I was an athlete for the better half of my life playing all sorts of sports including soccer, wrestling, tennis, and even bowling at one point I tried. Those were the sports I competed in on teams. Outside of competition, I used to play all sports all the time. I’ve probably tried almost every sport including foreign sport games as well. Anyway, my point is, I’m no stranger fitness.

I’m also not a stranger to dieting and nutrition. I’ve had the metabolic rate of a hummingbird all my life. But, when I got older I learned much about diet and nutritional value as I was a serious wrestler and had to lose weight because it was my job and just what was expected of me. I know it can be hard at times, but you can go about in ways that are smart and controlled. If you do take your time, and stick with a plan, you can lose a lot of weight, I mean a lot, and fast too. It’s all how you approach it, and what’s in your mind. This brings me to my next point.

Everything, I mean everything in life, no matter what the circumstances are, always starts in a mental sense. It’s 100 percent mental, and then you go from there. Whether it’s a divorce, financial trouble, or losing weight, it all starts with the mind, your mind. Mental strength is mental health; they are one in the same guys. I studied psychology and states of the mind during my college years and found a lot of astounding things out (which can be found throughout the site of course). All in all, it’s more important than basically, anything in your life. Mental health and being able to control stressors that come along with everyday life is crucial. If the mind is healthy, the body is, because the body or the shell cannot live without a clear mind. And those are the facts jack.

When I realized I have acquired certain knowledge that maybe most people don’t possess regarding these particular areas of interest, I figured why not share the wealth and make a website around this knowledge. Now I’m not saying I’ve caught lightening in a bottle. When it comes to staying in shape and eating right, it’s actually much more simple in reality. You’ll see what I’m getting at soon enough, you can count on that.

Healthily yours,

Paul Nelson