A Little About Me – My name is (Dan) Daniel Petraglia and I’m a young man from the United States. I’m a college graduate having two degrees AAS, BA. I guess that can vouch for me when I say I’m a hard worker. I decided to go down the webmaster road not too long ago as I worked couple of traditional jobs throughout my years having not the best of luck. So, here I am now with my own nice little corner on the internet.

Ever since I can last remember, I’ve been a fitness enthusiast. All my life I’ve been able to keep focused on keeping myself healthy and staying active. I was an athlete for the better half of my life playing all sorts of sports including soccer, wrestling, tennis, and even bowling at one point. I’ll continue to be this way throughout my life and I firmly believe I’ll probably never change in this regard. Perhaps there is a slight obsession here with exercise, but I have yet to fully admit this.

I’ve always had a knack for writing. And because I’ve always been a health and wellness enthusiast perhaps it was fate that this blog was to be born. I simply decided to fuse together both talents into a useful resource, and poof just like that the blog was born.


Why Trust Me? – The biggest question of them all. I’ll start by saying I agree with the statement “if your going to talk the talk, then you should be able to walk the walk”. I do in fact talk the talk on here. But believe me I’ve walked the walk ever since I could last remember. By the time I could stand I was firecracker with tons of energy. As I got older my energy took some slumps, then saw some peaks, and then more valleys were seen along the way.

This was very distressing to me as I became increasingly aware of it. I became obsessed as to why these swings in healthiness were occurring. Long story short, I know now precisely why these types of things can happen, and exactly how to avoid them (as I did). If you feel you’re in the same boat and are currently in a slump and want to know how I did it, well read my site! After all I can’t give away everything on the about page right?

When I realized I have acquired certain knowledge that maybe most people don’t possess regarding these particular areas of interest, I figured why not share the wealth and make a website around this knowledge. Now I’m not saying I’ve caught lightening in a bottle here folks. When it comes to staying in shape and eating right, it’s actually much simpler in reality. You’ll see what I’m getting at soon enough, you can count on that.


So What is This Site Exactly and What Can it Actually Do For Me? – This site is a blog. A blog for those that don’t know is a regularly updated journal/information feed. Because of this, you’ll always be able to find something new coming your way here on a regular basis. There’s a lot of valuable information on here already. It’s really jam packed and crammed with helpful links and products. Although I feel there’s a lot to gain here just by reading and investigating around. So far I’ve put a lot of work into it and only plan to make it bigger and better.

I give easy to follow advice that is spelled out in plain English, although sometimes I can’t help myself in getting into facts and science as the nerd side of me comes out from time to time. Exercise science and nutritional health have always fascinated me and I feel that this shines through on the site. I also promote a couple really great products that I believe in and feel are the best in the business for helping people get back on the right track towards living healthier lives. I’m all about smart approaches to things in life and not so much forcing recommended things that don’t work. To me these products and guides seem to be highly intelligent ideas developed and cocktailed into easily understandable and presentable applications.


So What Do You Know About Weight Loss Skinny? – It’s true; I’ve never actually been overweight. But I do know all the basic fundamentals and even a couple of sneaky little tricks. How did this come to be you say? Well from real life experiences. I’m no  stranger to dieting and nutrition. I’ve had the metabolic rate of a hummingbird all my life. But, when I got older I learned much about diet and nutritional value as I was a serious wrestler and had to lose weight because it was my job as this was just expected of me. I know it can be hard at times, but you can go about in ways that are smart and controlled. If you do take your time, and stick with a plan, you can lose a lot of weight, and I mean a lot.

Now that I’m a bit older I’ve seen how my weight can increase with fat and in muscle gains. I now can gain slight amounts of fat if I’m not careful. But it’s hard to gain unwanted weight when you’re someone who exercises as regularly as me. See the connection? Weight control isn’t that hard regardless of genetics I think. Paying a fair amount of regular attention to it, combined with a solid work ethic is the key here. But ultimately the keyword here is control. It’s all about how much control you have over it, or how little. Or maybe your weight is completely out of control. Regardless of your situation, I’m sure you’ll find many of the answers to your most troubling unanswered questions here. If not, you may always contact me directly. (note: I receive many emails so a prompt response isn’t always the case)


What You’ll Probably Learn From Me – Nothing!? A great professor I had in college literally taught me absolutely nothing. But I walked away from his classroom with something that remains with me to this very day. It was a fresh new insight into the world around me with a newfound perspective. I was blind but now I see type of thing, follow? Hopefully the same thing will resonate here with you.


How Do You Do it Daniel? – I’m kind of a lunatic to be quite honest. I exercise (hard) about 4-5 days a week (sometimes 6). I watch what I eat even though I’m not on any weight losing diet at the particular moment. I drink so much water that what I drink in a week would drown a normal person and flood their organs if they took in the same amount in a month. And most importantly, I never lose sight of goals, and always try to keep a clear and coherent consciousness.


Your Top Values and Principles in Life That You Go By?

Respect – My #1, Always have it for yourself and for the ones the matter most to you in your life.

Persistence – Having ridiculous, sickening work ethic, and coupling it with a strong inner drive.

Friendship – It’s a truly highly influential thing, sometimes for better or for worse. Either way, take it regardless.

Organization – It’s cut and dry but it works. An organized life is a functional life.

Expression – Always have an outlet. One of mine is this very site.

Deep Thinking – The mind has no borders or boundaries. Use it to your advantage.


What’s Your General Philosophy on Health? – It’s so simple really. Everything, I mean everything in life, no matter what the circumstances are, always starts in a mental sense. It’s 100 percent mental, and then you go from there. Whether it’s a divorce, financial trouble, or getting back into shape, it all starts with the mind. Mental strength is mental health; they are one in the same guys. I studied psychology and states of the mind during my college years and found a lot of astounding things out (which can be found throughout the site of course). All in all, it’s more important than basically, anything in your life. Mental health and being able to control certain stressors that come along with everyday life is crucial. If the mind is healthy, the body tends to follow because the body or the shell cannot live without a clear mind.


Freelance Contracting – If you are also a web publisher in the same niche and are looking for some outside writing, I do in fact take on some contractual freelance writing offers from time to time. Rates and charges can be discussed further then, and are also dependent on the project itself. I’m also always interested in guest blogging with other sites and blogs for networking purposes. I’m currently an active guest blogger. Feel free to shoot me an email in the contact form if these services are of any interest to you.

(UPDATE: I am currently not accepting guest posts as Google’s system and standards have recently undergone some changes. Accordingly, this may change in the future.)


Before You Get Going – I just want everyone to understand something before you venture off. I write what comes to mind naturally. A human runs this site, not a robot. The site wasn’t designed to get your credit card number, or scam and trick you in any way. It’s just me and keyboard spilling thoughts out onto the internet. I’m an honest and humble person that’s trying to share and spread some knowledge and light on what it truly means to live a healthier life.


Thanks for listening and getting to know me a little better. Stick with me, I got a good feeling about all this,

Kind Regards,


Dan Petraglia

Owner and Chief Operator of http://www.fitnessandweightlosscentral.com

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