A Healthier New Year?

Every year we are obligated to make a new years resolution right? Its almost as if we’re expected to pick one thing that we want to accomplish. At the start of every new year this was always expected of me growing up. Now that all the growing is done I look back and think did I ever really accomplish any of those goals or plans I set out for myself? The answer is no. If my memory serves correctly I never actually followed through with any new years resolution. And if I did attempt one or two of them, I recall not really seeing them all the way through.

What about you? Just think, does this social norm of expectation really have a drastic impact on you? I’d assume it doesn’t. Although I could be wrong. Maybe you’ve set out new years resolutions in the past and have completed and followed through with them 100%. If that’s the case I salute you. Whether you wanted to lose 10 lbs or find a new hobby that keeps your mind and body active, and then of course sticking with it. Either way, I always thought the new years resolution concept was more of another excuse to be made for yourself pushing back certain goals and expectations.

This allows me to arrive at today’s point rather quickly. There is sometimes no need for a mark or point in your life for a new goal to be set. There is no need for a rearrangement of your lifestyle. There is no need for change if your already on the path to changing. If your already trying to lose weight, change your diet, get into better shape, burn fat, gain and tone muscle, or act on any type of self improvement that I talk about here on this site, then there’s no need for a new years resolution. Telling yourself that your going to do better this year and setting new goals shouldn’t be the focus here.

I know what your thinking. I’m completely contradicting probably over dozen previous posts on setting goals, getting organized, and meeting deadlines. Of course you should be doing these things on a constant basis anyway. But using something like a holiday or birthday as a new starting point for a new goal is worthless. Set new goals when your ready and you feel it is the right time. You could be in paradise on vacation. Suddenly it hits you that you want to start getting back into shape by revisiting an old sport you played, or maybe just finding an exercise that emulates the sport well. This is the moment in time when you truly realize you’re ready for change and that you should start mapping out a plan now (regardless of when and where you are). That is the time to start formulating a strategy (not a holiday).

The new years holiday is marker in time no doubt. Its the start of 365 new days in our lives. And many of these days, we don’t know what will come, and what they will bring. What we do know is that being prepared and ready for them is essential if we plan to have a positive and productive year.

Go ahead, if you made a new years resolution I’m not saying bag it, just look at it a little more closely. I’ve seen people make there new years resolution the same thing as a goal they made for themselves in October. Because I’ve seen this actually more than once, this is why I feel the way I do about all this. Especially regarding my specialty, or area of expertise. Again, your just praying to the winds.

The new year shouldn’t be about making false promises to yourself, it should be about staying on track. Don’t forget about the past year, learn from it! Take that knowledge with you. In the past year alone, I’ve learned more than in the past 3 before it. This might be an ongoing trend as we get older we get wiser. The wiser we get, the easier it is to absorb and store new information. Maybe this is simply my case. Or maybe we all just have more knowledge rich years than others and its a thing of randomness and variance.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part it is good to look more forward than back. But all I’m saying here is not to entirely forget the past. Only looking forward isn’t the right approach either. A huge reason why you are who you are today is because of your past. And that is something you should never forget. Maybe certain things of our past are better forgotten than others. Still, finding that balance of applied past to future perspective is key.

So keep staying on track even if you almost came off of it last year. And don’t let the new years holiday influence you into creating some new socially acceptable fantasy. No more fantasies. Its time to get real. Its time to wake up and dig deep guys. A new year is starting. Healthy behavior breeds more healthy behavior. It just takes a little longer than oh I don’t know, an unhealthy behavior pattern. A healthier new year should be a general point of interest for you, not a goal. A change in the way you live entirely. Not dissecting dieting and fitness routines and schedules as if there tedious chores that are only an inconvenience to you.

A new year means a new chapter, and like a book no 2 chapters are the same. You decide your own fate as its up to you to write the chapter you truly desire this year. Good luck guys, and happy new year.


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