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No Rest for the Wicked

I want to talk about sleeping patterns today, mainly because most of the people I’ve been talking to lately about it have horrible sleep patterns. If your always asking yourself on a consistent basis why don’t I have any energy, its most definitely related to your sleeping patterns.

Getting 4 hours of sleep in a night is not okay.

You should at least try to double that number. I think the universally recognized number is 8 right? Don’t quote me on that, but at least ball parking 8 should be your target.

Other people I know like to do mini naps throughout the day where they’re just resting there eyes for a few minutes. In other countries outside of the states I’ve learned that sleeping for one long period at night usually isn’t how its done at all.

But I believe the body responds better to complete dreamland for an extended period of time versus chopping it up. Then again if you get your body into the habit of waking up and falling asleep at all different times during the day, that cycle will obviously be hard to break.

Sometimes I sleep for crazy long hours. On a weekend I once did up to 13 hours. Maybe its genetic though and I come from a family who’s big on sleep. My brother once hit something just shy of 15 hours back when he was in college.

I know we’ve all heard the saying “No rest for the wicked” right? It means someone won’t rest until they get paid whatever they feel should be coming to them. Although mostly a criminal expression, I think it applies to today’s point well.

See criminals don’t rest until they accomplish whatever area of business they’re in for the day as the expression goes. I like putting a twisted and then reversed angle on how one might look at this classy old saying.

And here it goes…

The best way to accomplish something is by actually first getting the proper amount of rest which is the first step to success in the day to be coming.

Look just get plenty of sleep.

It looks like now that I look at it, there is no real creative way to put a spin or twist on this point.

I did an experiment once with a job I had that demanded long hours. Oh I won’t go into details on the job don’t worry. At first I said screw it, and went about my business like I did beforehand and stayed to my current sleep schedule while having to wake up much earlier now with this job.

I remember going into work almost dizzy and sometimes even nauseous. I continued on this way for about a week or so and finally said lets see what happens when I tag on an extra few hours of sleep. Not to my surprise, I went in with the added sleep time and felt nothing. It was as if 8 am felt like 3 pm.

I realized for myself that when I don’t get enough sleep, it has cataclysmic effects on my entire everything everywhere. My whole chi and brain and body and mental acuteness is gone and I’m functioning on the same level as an inter species bred goat sloth hybrid.

True, some deal with sleep deprivation much better than others. Those damn 19 year old’s can function on 2 hours of sleep and can still walk around like they got ants in there pants. Or maybe its a thing to them where they think its cool telling others how little a sleep they got? Don’t know, I’m far from 19 and have forgotten of what is actually comprised of being cool.

So remember today’s magical number, which is 8. I’ve been reminded of this number several times in my life so now I’m just passing it along to you. Realistically though 7 hours of sleep is more easily maintained than a whopping 8 right? I mean that gives you a whole extra hour of living.

Then again, we always have to consider balance. Do you want 19 hours in a day with low energy, or 14 hours of turbocharged energy for your day? Both seem a bit extreme so try finding the your own perfect amount to give you the perfect balanced energy plan for your days. Everyone’s different with this remember now.

Oh, and if your 19 this post isn’t for you. Go ride a bike up a giant hill on its highest speed on 3 hours of sleep. If you make it to the top, well I hate you. If you fall dramatically back to the bottom, then your welcome come back here and rejoin the rest of us. I’ll probably have a new post up by then for all ages!


Are My Muscles Mutating?

I was in the mirror and I literally caught myself saying out loud “are my muscles mutating”? Sometimes you might be asking yourself the same question about different areas of your body.

The first thing I’d like to point out is that a mirror on a wall directly in front of you can only give you an angle that is a straight reflection opposite from where you are standing. A lot of times you can look very different to yourself when you hold a mirror on an angle towards your body versus the straight conventional wall mirror reflection that we’re all so accustomed to.

Maybe a certain area of your body might look better or worse to you on an angle, or it may not. Sometimes mirrors might just be playing tricks on our eyes right?

Well maybe not, maybe it could have something to do with your perceptual opinion of yourself on a psychological level. Bulimics  and people suffering from other eating disorders such as anorexia can’t stand looking in the mirror.

They think there is something wrong with there body when in reality its perfectly fine the way it is.

So what if the problem isn’t psychological?

Well there’s a lot of different muscle deformations that can occur that you need watch out for especially when your on a strict and tough exercise plan. Although it can be subtle, muscle discoloration can happen without any direct contact. I mean without you hitting the area and it causing a bruise from some sort of outside contact.

When you stretch a muscle with a significant amount of weight, this discoloration can happen, or where it is more common for this to happen is when you don’t stretch pre-workout enough or properly.

So always be sure that you’re loose and ready to tackle a hard workout beforehand. Don’t just waltz into a session without the eye of the tiger.

Another common complaint is the spasm. Usually on an off day or a day directly after a hard session we can get these. Its just the muscles way of saying that you used it hard and now because its just still it doesn’t know what to do with itself.

It would be like locking Bart Simpson in a windowless room with 3 red-bull energy drinks. Eventually, he’s going to be bouncing off those walls.

I don’t think these spasms are technically a bad thing. I mean I have restless leg syndrome and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I just consider it like a dog wagging its tail.

The most serious of them all though is when we start to notice the muscle is stretching the skin and deforming it. This usually occurrs when someone grows there muscle so fast that the skin cells can’t catch up. Now I know most of us don’t have this problem, but it can still happen when you don’t overdo things.

The solution is ointments. All the people I’ve ever met that had this skin deformation via rapid or irregular muscle growth applied some sort of ointment to the area.

Now I don’t exactly what product they used but I just might be looking into this a little further in the future. I believe I may be starting to have this skin problem, but am not sure quite yet. There is one area on my arm where the skin (only after a workout) shows a slight indentation.

Its ugly, but doesn’t last. If the problem progresses and continues, then I’ll do some more research on this and put up what I find.

Perhaps muscle development like this is just hereditary?

Stay tuned…


Setting Examples

A lot of times you don’t even know your doing this to begin with and that’s the whole beauty behind I think. When you set a positive example around others, it usually has an effect on them.

This might be tremendous, or it might be minuscule. Either way, by setting that positive example your unintentionally helping someone out without ever knowing it.

Only until recently I’ve discovered that I have to ability to help others tremendously with my own knowledge on certain things while not knowing I was doing it. Only until it was actually brought to my attention did I realize this is a really good thing happening here.

We all can do this.

Anyone can do this…

However, there is a flip side. You may be doing something that might influence a person in a bad way.

Like if you snort a line of blow in front of a close friend and tell them its harmless while they’re already in an adventurous mood, you just might have done yourself and them wrong there.

That’s a pretty ugly example but sometimes to get a point across you got to slap the chock board with a ruler.

So once a few close to me told me that if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t have done well for themselves in this one area of their lives, I realized then what was going on. I won’t go into details, but I’ve give you a hint, it had something to do with their health. Shocking I know!

Sometimes just giving your opinion on something turns on light bulbs in other peoples heads. Obviously the more thorough and detailed of an opinion you give to someone on something your very knowledgeable and familiar with, the better.

Take finance. I’m always up for listening to someone else give me advice on how they save or invest money. Its not my forte, but I’m always willing to learn something new about it because it intrigues me.

In return, I felt if I was given some genuinely awesome advice, I might feel compelled to reciprocate with some useful or helpful knowledge of my own on certain things. (you know, certain things)

What you have then is the passing along of useful and new information for free.

And that my friends, is how you make the world a better place!

God damn, I should go plant a tree while I’m at it.

Feelin’ the love today, what can I say. Its about blossoming these great interactions with others as long and as best as you can. And its also about letting go of the wrongs others have done to you at the same time.

I was recently done wrong by someone. I won’t say who because it really doesn’t matter. What mattered was how I handled it. At first, I didn’t handle it well at all because I was not only surprised by it, but being in the moment I could see that it was getting the better of me. It really ruffled my feathers.

The next day I realized, it isn’t important, and its significance is meaningless to me in the long run. So because of the fact that for the long term it doesn’t matter, then the short term might as well be assessed in the same manner.

The more you do this with the crud that comes along your way in life, the more you’ll be setting an example for you future self by doing this with your present self.

In a non metaphorical sense, how is crap dealt with? Its flushed down the toilet right? Why not do that with situational and emotional crap too? Its not like you need it, and the longer it stays around, the more it stinks up our day.

The next time you shed some light a topic in front of others that your relatively familiar with, don’t be afraid to give them your full 2 cents. I mean I’d rather have 1 cent than no cents, but would much rather have 2 cents than 1.

You never know, you might really help someone out without ever initially trying, or for that matter knowing.


Before and After

It had recently occurred to me that far to many people care about the “before and after” concept. Well, maybe your right in doing so, and I’m wrong in criticizing it.

Having a goal or something to look forward too in the back (or front) of your mind is always a good thing in setting any type of goal right?

So do it now. Set a goal, small, big, creative, and new. Now, don’t become fixated on this, but give it some acknowledgment from time to time huh?

How many before and after pictures have we seen in how many fitness and weight loss promotions for things like slimming smoothie products and total gyms showing scrawny piss ants turned into jacked roid heads? Its pathetic really.

Let me clue you in on a little secret.

99% of those so called authentic and genuine ”real” people in those before and after photos are whats called “shop’d”. See in the graphic design world there is a brilliant image altering program called Adobe Photoshop. Almost a house hold name by now in the states I bet.

Anyway I would never have such knowledge of such a thing if it wasn’t for my first degrees major. I did a lot of graphic design and animation and other cool techie stuff back in the day. Once I became a total fit head, and already had preexisting knowledge and hands on experience with photoshop, eventually I put 1 and 1 together and found this out on my own, somehow.

There are miracle stories out there of people going from fat to solid rock. Image wise when the body goes under these drastic changes we all must be aware that these changes might not always be commercial friendly, or pretty.

When taking something like this into account alone, its obvious that most of those before and afters are fake. I used to know someone who changed his entire body like this. He was completely overweight, and went from heavy, to skinny, to ripped, to a highly muscular and sculpted physique in under something crazy like 2 years. (little motivation for ya)

However, I’m sure I’ve stated this somewhere before, but when the skin cells are stretched beyond what your genetic based frame can withstand, there is going to be some permanent skin deformity.

Sure it can be fixed with plasitc suregery as nowadays you can get anything like skin snipped off, tucked away, pulled, stretched, or whatever else those crazy surgeons are capable of doing.

Anyway, my buddy had gotten “elephant ears” on the sides of his abdominal region. What they are is exactly what they sound like. They look like little elephant ears hanging off your body. You can’t go from a huge gut, to a six pack without some minor unwanted baggage.

He was a commendable guy for taking it so far though I thought. He also had an emotional transformation. He went from shy and introverted, to being outgoing and confident. He gained more friends, got a girlfriend, and even smiled more.

So the next time you see one of these before and after shots somewhere with whatever is being advertised to you just remember my example. I mean it is obviously possible to make this transformation happen for anyone out there. But there is no magical breakthrough product that will do it for you.

This kid busted his ass like 7 days a week!

My recommendation as always is to take it slow, and up the tempo and intensity as you go along and get better. This natural progression is where its at, and where you want to be. Weight falls off continuously in this pattern, and muscle tightens and hardens up too.

Don’t get me wrong there are products out there that act as great helping hands. Shoot, I promote products on this site that I think are great as they’ve already been proven to be successful “helpers”. They can help educate and guide you along your exercise or dieting path.

But think real quick about an office scene. Say there’s a manager and he has an assistant. Now that assistant can suck, just skate by, or be exceptional in all aspects of their assisting duties. But even if the assistant is really great, it still doesn’t mean they can do the job entirely for their manager.

They could prepare an entire powerpoint presentation for their boss, but in the end, the boss still has to do the presentation and impress those cheeky China men who flew all the way from Hong Kong who were looking to be impressed or sold on something.

It seems I’ve veered far beyond what can be described as off topic today. So before I keep typing on like the crazed blogger that I am, let me stop myself.

til next time…


The Real Purpose for Having a Personal Trainer

I figured it out! Its over. I’m done. I quit. Ha, no not really quit, but I found the answer to this long awaited question that so many of you had.

Why should you have or get a personal trainer? I mean what’s the point? To have to some jacked guy yell at you how to do a series of exercises that your probably uncomfortable doing in the first place. The more I eavesdrop in on sessions with PT’s, the more I hear the “your doing it wrong, not like that, you suck” sort of thing.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.

These are typical what you’d expect I’d say reasons for getting a trainer, or reasons not too far out left field. The first would be to obviously learn something. Just simply learn how to do it because you’ve either never done it before, or truly have been doing it wrong this whole time.

The second obvious one here is that you “think” you need motivation from an outside source.

Um, no you don’t.

The “real” reason that I’m going to reveal to you in a moment is actually something where you guessed it, I believe we can all achieve on our very own little lonesome.

There are a lot of exercise types out there, micro mini exercises, to warm up exercises, to straight up self inflicting brutality. What’s your preference? Maybe you shouldn’t have one. Maybe, we should all try to enjoy a mixed bag in that regard.

But maybe, just maybe, simplicity is the key here. A lot of times there really is no secret to achieving certain successes in life. With fitness and losing weight, I think this could definitely apply.

If you think your fat, but are looking for an easy and maintainable exercise routine geared towards total calorie incineration, well this could be done simply by running. I really mean running, a lot. Miles and miles upon miles of running 6 days a week. If you eventually got to this point and kept it up, you wouldn’t eventually even think about it as running is something that can become second nature very easily for the human species. (look up “runners high”)

If you ran in excess like this, that frequently, it really would eventually become easy. What does this mean for you? I’ll translate this concept for you via this cheesy font. You’ll have a free to do anything pass because other exercises becomes easier because with high levels of cardio under your belt, that’s just how it goes.

Also, you’ll be burning calories on auto pilot. Imagine that. Calories floating away on auto pilot every day, just because you conditioned yourself through months to years through the simplest form of cardiovascular exercise.

So that right there is just one simple example of taking one exercise type, specializing in it, taking it as far as the moon, or even the stars if that is the choosing your willing to make. The outcome, is obviously just gorgeous.

Okay here we go.

In my humble opinion, here you have it…

The real purpose for having a personal trainer is to learn an assortment of different exercises and see which one or few you like, and then starting your specialization process. That’s it I think. Maybe this finding of what you might like doing physically might be not even be found during your training with your PT. Maybe just discussing it with them and then bouncing these ideas off your friends might do the trick in finding where your potential fitness interests might lie.

Look a PT is the best person introducing you to and experimenting with different exercises. But this leads me to my next point which is the tail end of my main point.

You can find and investigate different exercise types and even variations without the help of a professional. All you really need is an internet connection and a group of muscle bound super jock friends. Well, maybe not the second, but friends that are maybe trying just like you, and on a similar level, physically.

Remember the main example above about becoming a runner. The longer and harder you go at one thing, the better you become at it. And again, not trying to sound cliche, but that’s how it goes with anything you do in life.

So if you have one, go punch your PT in the face and flip em’ the bird! Becuase you don’t need them anymore after reading this magical post right?

Eh, probably not who am I kidding, but I know I at least got the wheels spinning in your head about this.

Cheers, Adios, Ciao, and Good day.


How to Fight Crankiness

There are certain things that can put us into moods even on a day where we’ve gotten plenty of sleep, plenty to eat, and plenty to smile about. Isn’t it funny how one little thing can set you off even if its been with you for a while now and your just continuously recounting it?

I think broke my arm…

Well, I don’t think its broken, but it definitely hurts. I don’t even think its from the heavy weights I lift, I think it is something more arthritic. I cracked my knuckles all the time as a kid so I have a coupe of tendencies to crack and pop things that simply don’t need to be.

Sound familiar?

Even if you don’t do this sort of thing, its good to know about. My forearm and wrist hurt and I know my body well enough to know that its from this readjustment or crack I do with it. Because I was over doing this while lifting, it now hurts today worse than ever.

There’s a certain habitualness that comes with everyone. Some are good habits, some are bad, and others are just plain stupid!

I’ll admit, this is a dumb habit that I need to kick. The result, it kind of puts a damper on my general mood. See I’m not in a bad mood today, but the constant throbbing of the arm is certainly doing its fair share of contribution to my cranky side.

How do we fight crankiness? If its something physical it can be pretty hard since its virtually impossible to ignore altogether.

What about if you just lost something like a cell phone? Oh don’t we all hate this one. Last time I did this I straight up could not get over how stupid I was for a good 3 days. (put it on roof of car then drove off, nice)

Okay step 1.

I think the first thing we all do is just accept as quickly as we can that this is what it is for the current time being. Just think, it isn’t going to be like this forever.

The pain in my arm will subside, and you can always go down to the cell phone store and pick up another. Besides, every 4 days a newer and better version of the cell phone you currently have comes out anyway right? (wacky phone companies sheesh)

Step 2.

Well, not so much step 2, but the final step or train of thought you need to implement. I know I’ve mentioned this little gem before and that’s to simply look forward regardless.

Going along with the present scenario and accepting it, then the only thing left to do is look forward from this point on. Being a crank usually is about bringing to point something that has already happened. Cranking out about something secondly involves going over a past occurrence over and over which will have a snowball effect on this negative energy making it bigger and badder than before.

Think, the more you think about something you hate, the more hate you’ll have in your head in general, which in turn could transfer over to other aspects of your life, which you obviously didn’t intend on doing.

Of course if the problem you have that is bringing you down and is much bigger for you to conquer alone, then get help. Seeking out help from others with different perspectives and insights can really reshape how you look at something troublesome. Family and friends are first in line to go to, but if they aren’t lifting your spirits higher or high enough, then it may be time to seek professional help.

So remember, its about pushing on and through, always marching forward as best you can. Trust me this freaking arm is a nuisance, but I know it won’t kill me and I’ll live.

The human body is a master at self healing and self regeneration. So for all of you fitness freaks out there, pains usually mean gains, and if that pain becomes too overpowering, then a recovery day or 2 may be in order.

Physical pain is so temporary, but good habits can last forever.


5 Ways to Recover From Hard Exercise

Well, no one asked me this question. I also didn’t here it anywhere being asked recently, I’m simply trying to answer it for myself. Why? Because I’m sore as hell that’s why. This weekend at one point I felt almost immobilized because I went really hard and long for my closing session of last week.

Its great going hard and really pushing it more often than not. I mean, after all that’s what its all about. That is the key principle in getting into better shape. But what about the recovery process? Is sleep enough? I think there’s a couple of ways to to bring your body back to 100% operation. These are what came to mind.


Ice it -

Get a bag and fill it full of ice or crushed ice and lay it on the sore muscle groups. Take turns with your muscle groups rotating the bag or bags. Don’t leave the bag on one area for too long as that will tighten up the area too much and give you a swell that could make it worse.

Also try for a soft type of bag or a plastic bag wrapped in a soft towel.


Zombie Bath -

Sometimes laying without using any muscles for an extended period of time helps really relax the body and central nervous system. A bath is obviously a good way to sooth the muscles and joints (and even the mind).

But try a zombie bath where you lay like an un-awakened zombie laying in your bodies natural resting position without any movement for a while. I mean don’t even blink! Well maybe blink, but don’t move your hands or anything.


Sleeping Positions -

I got to bring this up. You might be sleeping wrong. I slept on my side / back in a twisted and contorted pose which could only be seen at a Cirque Du Soleil circus act. After, I was literally sore for 3 days. Find a comfortable “pose” and stick to it. Also make sure you have plenty of neck support.

Finally, make sure the room temperature is modest and unnoticeable.


Stretch it Out -

This isn’t exactly a cure, but a pre-workout necessity. The more elastic you are, the easier your muscles will adapt to the upcoming punishment you are about to inflict upon yourself. Your joints will also appreciate a pre-workout pop, rather than during.


Get a Dose -

Of course I’m going to mention putting the right things into your body here. For example, for optimal muscle synthesis, you would want to take in a lot of protein after a workout. Or the meal you have during that time of day (dinner is usually most fitting here) should be protein rich.

But for rebuilding the destruction of muscle fibers and tissue, you’ll want a lot of naturals. Water is an important one here. Proteins, veggies, and fruits in that order I would say. A lot of meats. Not so much carbohydrates for this.

A good “repair” meal that comes to mind would be something like stir-fry because its packed with protein and veggies. Easy on the sauce now!


Why Failure Should be an Option


So you failed at losing 10 lbs before the end of the month, now what? So you failed at getting those six pack abs before spring break vacation, now what? So you failed at losing the jelly like creature living on the back of your arm, now what?

I want you to ask yourself something right now if any of these or any like them apply to you.

Did you fail, or have just not succeeded yet!?

I love this principle so I’m going to break it down a bit. Its time for you to assess whether you should even consider something with your body or weight a failure. Changing and molding our bodies takes time as its only a natural progression that usually works best so putting time constraints on ourselves is being a bit unfair to ourselves to begin with.

Especially for those of you who have absolutely no idea what your doing (no offense), putting a time constraint on yourself to gain X amount lbs of muscle, or lose X amount of fat may not be the right time yet. Don’t get me wrong setting goals is important, but maybe not when your fresh out at the starting point and are just learning the ropes (with anything really, first time on a snowboard you going down deaths peak or the bunny hill, point made).

Look the only reason I bring this up is because I’ve seen so many people do this so many times in my life so its gotten a bit annoying. Especially when they don’t really know what it takes to get there. I do, and that’s probably why it bothers me the most.

Another point here is that you should go back and analyze the failure in detail. Going along with my first point, maybe you didn’t give yourself enough time to begin with. You never want to rush either weight loss or muscle toning ventures.

Something unusual did occur to me last week. I saw an old friend at a party and sure enough the topic of exercise came up. Of course I could talk about exercising until everyone in the room wished they didn’t know what exercise was, but I just listened for a change (and for once).

I learned something just by listening to someone else and what they do for exercise and what actually is currently working for them. These fitness interactive video games are all the craze these days.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend them although they are funner than any amusement park (I hate long sweaty lines). What he was doing was aerobics during the game and with padded weights harnessed to himself.

Also, just by playing regular video games and standing while moving around with these weights really was working too. To me it seems like a bit of multi-tasking which could get annoying. And I’m someone who is known for their multi-tasking skills.

Don’t you see? What might not work for one of you might work for your neighbor, and maybe work miracles for the person down the street.

Maybe trying something like this that is a bit out of the box isn’t such a bad idea is it? I mean trying something completely left field. I would have never thought anything like this could really work for someone having real results. But he told me it helped him lose weight and tone up parts of the body.

I always thought if your going to focus on one thing like exercise, then that should be the end of it. Mixing leisurely things with exercise would have never crossed my mind in a million years unless someone else brought it to my attention.

Sure enough, here I am now telling you about it.

I guess the moral of the story is when assessing what went wrong with a failure in the exercise or weight loss departments, look at 2 new things.

The first, were you really being fair to yourself with the time map you originally set for yourself. Maybe go online and do some digging on how long it took others to lose 10 lbs first.

And secondly, maybe your approach or method just wasn’t for you. I know 101 ways to lose weight or tone a body.

But guess what? I’m sure there are another 101 ways out there for both weight loss and body toning still to be discovered for me. I know I learned one last week.

Maybe the failure was just something you needed. Sometimes people snap inside after failing countless times and gear themselves for only success for the rest of there lives. And often times this is the case for so many.

How to Grow Old, But Remain Young

I like this concept that I would say comes up quite frequently in regular American adult life. Whether its at the office or at home, or out on the town, everyone can appreciate a young minded and young spirited individual.

There’s even a store now called forever 21. I went in the other day as a friend of mine worked there for a short while. Well, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary or unusual, it just seemed like a plain Jane clothing store. So why worth mentioning? Because of the mere fact that it exists is why.

On a cultural level we like to look and dress as being on the younger side. I mean not walking around with helicopter hats and torn overalls with bright red Chuck Taylor’s, but that college and almost high school look seems to be the trend in fashion these days.

Your as young as you feel though I say. Your as young as you act too. And if you find yourself uncomfortable around significantly younger people than yourself in a social situation, then there might be a slight problem here psychologically.

Listen there’s nothing wrong with those young kids, they’re harmless. In fact, you should feel more confident and comfortable than ever when your surrounded by younger people. Because you have something they don’t, and that’s experience. Just more days being alive gives you a slight edge in several departments.

On the flip side being around an older crowd shouldn’t be an issue either. I always felt there’s a lot to gain and a lot to learn from respectively older people than myself. Take it as an opportunity to listen and learn. Ask questions as much as you can as older wiser people than you are usually more than happy to oblige you with any knowledge they possess.

In either instance, you can benefit.

You can either be helping someone else out, or learning something new. And this isn’t to say that a younger person than yourself can’t teach you something, and that you can’t teach something new to an elderly.

Now aside from how we handle our interactions with others of various ages, let’s now focus on ourselves.

Obviously the main reason of why I even decided to bring this up in the first place is because I believe we can benefit from it health wise.

Think when you were a young kid and you had insane amounts of energy. You probably played a sport or did other kinds of physical activities all the time right? Think back and try to recall something for a second. Remember how easy it was? Remember how naturally it came?

This is obviously something I feel we should all strive towards. The inner kid in ourselves is always there. See we’ll always know and remember the kid we were, but we’ll never know what our future selves we’ll be exactly.

A good way to get an idea though I think is by keeping that inner youth alive inside us. This way, we can make a fair assessment of what’s to come. Always looking at yourself as a kid until the day you die is an easy and positive mindset I believe.

Staying forever young mentally promotes healthy acts that we did when we actually were young. If you always loved tennis or dancing as a kid, there should be no reason to cease loving it. I understand some of us have a mortgage, a pile a kids, and a spouse that could very well be the anti-Christ but just hasn’t broken the news to yet. These things can obviously age us.

This isn’t a matter of maturity or immaturity either. I can act like a 5 year old, or a 40 year old without a moments pause. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a time and place for both.

Here are basic examples. I guess the older version of yourself should be with you when your taking care of responsibilities like work and scholastic’s. The kid in you should be out basically the rest of the time! Sike, just kidding! Well, for me its almost on that level, but then again I’m nuttier than squirrel poo. When your out with friends, doing hobbies, playing sport, or whatever you do on a recreational level, that is when I think we need to let that inner kid really go and let loose!

But the main point again is that maybe for all of us, the most energetic and youthful version of ourselves, could be the healthiest version of ourselves. Its up to you to embrace this idea, and see where it might take you.

Remember there’s a huge difference in your kid cousins free time activities than your grandparents.

If you think young, you’ll act young. And acting young is more active minded. If you think old, you’ll act old. And old has gone way out of style last time I checked.


How to Find Your X Factor

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been around, been running around like a wallaby with its head cut off. But I’m now going back to my more regular and frequent posting schedule so don’t be alarmed! I didn’t fall off a cliff or anything. Although I always wanted to jump off one with one of those flying squirrel monkey suits that have the wings. You know the ones that let you glide and soar through the air? Never mind.

Anyway now that I’m back and here to stay I want to kick things off with an interesting yet relevant topic. I know I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but I feel it needs to be brought up again only this time channeled through a most appropriate analogy.

I’m talking about the television show The X Factor. Its really just a silly show that was brought to America originating I believe from the UK. For about the last week or so I’ve been watching some of it online finding it more and more entertaining. Its just a singing competition, but I think we can somehow relate it here back to living a healthier life. Let’s give it a shot.

On the show contestants have to sing for survival to get through to the next round, do duets, sing with well known stars, and on and on. I know in the previous post where talked about having an X factor was more of like finding your secret weapon. As if its something you have that’s right there, you just have to find it or acknowledge it.

I’m thinking a little differently now. Yes I believe everyone has there own unique X factor. Something that they can use that propels them towards certain goals in life perhaps faster or easier than others.

But maybe its more obvious than I originally might have thought. On the show I noticed something that stuck out like a soar thumb.

Certain contestants new how to pick the right song to impress all the judges (who come from different backgrounds) and accentuate there own unique strong suits of singing best. Some contestants simply new how to do this better than even others that had more natural talent.

It isn’t strictly now a singing competition. They were looking for someone who has personality, charm, charisma, illuminating positive energy, swagger, style, and of course the ability to win the crowd over. And sometimes this just can’t be done with a voice alone.

If you’ve let yourself go physically in the past couple months, or even several years, don’t think its over or “why bother”. Because if deep down you want to look and feel energized and in great shape, never say never.

Its never to late I say to get back on the band wagon of fitness and leading a healthier life. Even for you seniors out there that I love and adore, its possible. I see 50 and even 60+ year old people getting exercise all the time where some are even down right impressive.

I’ve been acquaintances with a few seniors in my life where they are in such good shape, that only I truly understand what they really are and have become. Perhaps better than themselves.

Inspiring stuff isn’t it?

Maybe a post on fit seniors soon? (noted!)

What I really think is that we all have a certain X factor, and that not one persons is greater than another ones. But that maybe, it can be. Or that by developing a skill set or particular natural talent, we all can have “the X factor” and win it all in the end.

The winner of the show got a 5,000,000 dollar recording contract and gets to be the star in the Pepsi Superbowl commercial. The winner was actually sent home and then brought back though, so what does that tell you?

Well it tells me that several others were favored at a certain point over the winner during the competition. If this was the case, then I guess all the finalists that remained when the winner was sent home could be described as having the “X Factor” in a sense right?

I want to raise another interesting point about the show.

When it was all said and done, I saw on a news feed online that several of the finalists were signed by major labels, or signed development deals with large networks/production companies, or both.

See what I’m getting at? The finalists all had their own unique X factor sort of speak, and in the end it paid off, handsomely so it would appear.

That’s what I think holds truth with all of us in a sense. That we all have this deep with inside our hearts and souls, and that all we have to do is realize that its there somewhere and unleash it. This will bring out your maximum potential by utilizing a skill set that just comes naturally to you.

Or even learning a new strategy or knowledge base new from scratch and slowly applying it carefully to your dieting and exercising practices.

You might purpose the idea of maybe just copying someone else and how they do physical activity. I think this could work better for dieting than exercise, because after all, we’re all snowflakes. Finding a uniqueness in yourself certainly shouldn’t involve copying another or even a combination of others you admire or envy.

You guys have to dig deep on this one. But remember, maybe your X factor isn’t sleeping and isn’t with you yet. Maybe you have to wake it up by going out and finding whatever it is exactly.


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