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Healthy Food, Healthy Mood

Here’s a little story I’d like to share with you today that I saw on the news probably 7 years ago. Wait 7 years ago? Well I certainly wouldn’t remember a quick little story on the news from 7 years past unless it had a huge impact on me. And this story did just that. Its good to remember meaninful and insightful things, and even better to share them by passing them along to others (wink).

I turned on the news and came across an interesting headline. It was something like “Cafeteria Food Changes Students for Better”. It sounded fictional right off the bat so I gave it watch. Sure enough, I’m here today telling you guys about it. This was a middle school cafeteria. But it wasn’t just an ordinary school. It was a school for juvenile delinquents (kids that were charged by the law as minors). So basically, these were bad kids.

I always thought a bad kid was a bad kid and there’s not a lot of change in that. Our childhood are our most fragile years in our lives and if a kid was raised immorally or just a lack of raising altogether, then how much can you really do to change them as adolescent teens of all things?

I’m sure the school was extra strict on them with overall policy and guidelines. But at the same time I’m sure the students fought back as much as they could. The teachers, principal, and even superintendent of the school noticed a sudden and drastic change in literally the entire student body population within a matter of weeks. Something was happening to the students, but the entire faculty was left baffled.

The students became increasingly cooperative, positive, willing, and even more open and friendly with each other and the faculty. My memory isn’t 100% clear but if it serves right, I think the head of the cafeteria had a simple suggestion. He or she brought it to the principal or someone in charge and they gave the okay. The cafeteria head requested no more fried food, greasy food, or any food of this nature and that it is to be cut out of the regular rotation in the weekly menu. Now that the menu was missing several things and had opened up more empty slots, they needed some replacing. He or she probably encouraged in replace of the old selections an entirely new theme altogether. The new menu comprised of mostly fresh, organic, whole, and all other foods of the sort that are very high in nutritional value.

I remember my middle and high school cafeteria’s like it was yesterday. Disgusting is the only word that comes to mind if your waiting on the main line. I think this might have been the starting point to when I just started learning some of the in’s and out’s of dieting and proper nutrition. There was a fresh food side that always had a line of oh I don’t know maybe 2 people on average. The “grease line” as I used to call it always ran out the kitchen into the cafe itself. I always hated lines so I tried the fresh food line and eventually stuck to it 90% of the time because A. no line, and B. the food was good as I knew it was also good for me. Sometimes I’d hop on the grease line but that’s only when I needed a pizza fix or something (hey I was a kid, pizza was essential).

Anyway, back to the story. So the kids at this school were basically forced to eat the new food. Maybe they could bring from home but who has time for that when your a kid right? The results were incredible. Apparently scientists, dietitians, nutritionists, and psychologists came in to interview them. They asked why and how did the sudden change in your behavior come about? The students had no real explanation. But we all here no exactly what it was don’t we?

I tried noticing this with myself and now that I’m actively aware of it, I do notice slight changes in mood in relation to what I’m eating. Nothing drastic like the kids at that school, but I still do (been eating relatively healthy for years so maybe that has something to do with it). The kids at that school probably had very poor diets, so going from the slimy cafe food that they were so used to, to the completely revamped menu, it’s not surprising that they suddenly found increases is academic performance and improvements in behavior.

On a side note many juveniles come from broken homes where food may not always be readily available. You could suppose that many of those students were malnourished probably without even knowing it.

My suggestion to you today is to really just take this story into closer consideration. Ultimately it applies to everyone anyway as diet is the quintessential focal point for everyone’s general health. But maybe you could start incorporating new foods into your diet that could almost serve as nutritional boosts for your day. All while revising your current diet and cutting out what you know is potentially bad, or just foods that simply don’t provide any value. Its not until you here a story like this that you realize you could better yourself, and that this bettering is easier than you think.


Just Some Simple Diet Advice

I have some simple and fairly easy advice for you to follow today. I came up with this a few days ago, applied it, and saw that it was a useful type of guide. Imagine a circle. Now divide that circle into thirds. You should now see 3 areas within the circle that are of equal space, and shape. Well, there it is. This is what your dinner plate should look like every night. Have a main feature, and then two sides. I know we all don’t have the time to prepare two sides along with whatever main feature it is that were cooking so it is also fine to have just one side from time to time. Just make sure that your dinner meals are planned out pretty far in advance. Guessing what you’ll have the night of usually leads to bad decisions unless you stocked up the fridge and pantry like its 1999 (Y2K).

Dinner should be the most food you consume out of all the meals you have in a day. Usually the reason why this is recommended is that dinner is designed to hold you over until morning. This will help you sleep better, and more importantly not wake up in the middle of the night hungry. Don’t over complicate it though. Dinner shouldn’t be that hard of thing to figure out.

Going back to the point about sides, don’t worry about having a full plate all the time. If you’re work schedule requires a lot out of you, having one side is fine. But if your trying to lose weight, take note about what sides you’re considering having. Most people that I talk to that are on diets geared for weight loss have a green side (vegetable).

The three part plate consists of a meat, a carbohydrate, and a vegetable. That’s the winning combination. I think the more common dinner plate around the world is the meat with a carb though. Maybe a quick salad accompanies this meal so you still get your greens. Don’t get me wrong guys you can definitley lose weight with the meat and carb combo, but the meat with veggie combo is just more effective.

So what about the most important meal of the day? Breakfast can almost determine what kind of day your going to have in terms of energy, awareness, and might I be crazy enough to say mood? You simply need it because it gets you going. The beauty behind breakfast is that it can be very light. I mean super light! You can have a light breakfast and still get the energy you need from just something small. I think there’s a lot of myths out there about the first meal of the day. I know about 237 of them and want to squash some of them now, but I’m going to hold off and save that discussion for another day.

With breakfast, I did manage to find out something useful about it a couple of days ago that I’d like to share with you all. I found an article online about the three healthiest things you can eat. An expert dietitian of like 35 years wrote it so I figured I’d pay attention. If I had the link I’d slap it in here but I forget where I saw this. Just run a Google search, I’m sure you’ll find it. Anyway, they said that Spinach, Eggs, and Oatmeal are the current top guns. Now, do you notice the same thing I’m noticing here?

2 out the 3 are bonafied breakfast foods! So what does that tell you? It tells me that I should never ignore breakfast under any circumstance. With spinach, hey at the very least you can make a spinach omelette right?

The way I see them is a little different. Spinach is pretty gross and unless it is incorporated into another food like an omelet where its flavors can be enhanced to my liking. With eggs, I basically function and am breathing today because of them. I love eggs and have been eating them very regularly since I was about 14 years old. With oatmeal, I don’t know how substantial it really is because it seems to always run right through me, like its in a rush to get out. I like it taste wise, I keep hearing its good for you, so I guess I’ll say it isn’t so bad. Maybe I make it too soupy or too thick and haven’t found that nice creamy and happy medium that is oatmeal in its greatest form.

So with breakfast instead of imaginatively drawing out silly little circles, instead its better to find breakfast foods that are really geared towards producing energy and sustaining an active alert mind. Breakfast can be more loosely approached I think in terms of which food groups are actually being consumed. Forget which food groups you’ll need. I think you can mix and match all you want with breakfast. You could even just stick to one kind of food group and be fine with that too. Not like with dinner where you should be looking more to incorporate different food types together like meats, carbs, and vegetables.

I almost forgot something here didn’t I? What about lunch? Well breakfast is obviously number 1, dinner is number 2, so that leaves lunch dragging behind in 3rd. Its not that you don’t need lunch, you just need some sort of food at some point mid-day. Its like the bridge between breakfast and dinner. Without lunch, you’d probably over eat at dinner. If you don’t think lunch is all too important you could always skip it. What? Well don’t skip eating mid day, but maybe 2 or even 3 small snacks nestled into your day somewhere. If you do this, lunch won’t ever even be a thought and you’ll be ready for dinner later without being completely starved.

So there you have it my friends. Take into serious account my little dinner analogy. Its advice coming from several people including myself.

What’s Your Favorite Snack?

Let’s let the cat out of the bag today. I’d like to share with you all my favorite snack. This has been my #1 for at least a decade now. Some things you just can’t help right? Others you can though, like bad snacking habits. When it comes to food, will have our little pet peeves, and of course those devilishly wonderful guilty pleasures. But the more I read up on snacking, the more I find out that it is actually recommended versus being discouraged. Modern day nutritionists and dietitians all over the world suggest that smaller meals broken down into smaller increments throughout the day have proven to be more beneficial to ones diet than lesser and larger meals in a day. This might sound more tedious, but better as I think it can be at the very least tolerable.

So my favorite snack is chips and salsa! How childish I know. You’d think it’d be something more along the lines of some sort of fruit arrangement knowing me right? Well aren’t I just full of surprises? To me I’ve always had an affinity for South Western / Mexican food. Sure enough, 10 years later my favorite snack is still this cultures most recognizable side helping. We all get hot and cold though with even our most favorite of foods. I must confess I actually haven’t eaten any chips or salsa in months. But I’m confident I’ll be back on that spicy band wagon in the not too distant future.

At this point your probably wondering why confess this sort of personal news? Isn’t he supposed to be talking about healthy dieting practices? Well in a sense, eating chips and salsa has taught me a lot about dieting. The first thing I learned is that snacking is encouraged by most, even if on the surface it doesn’t always seem too healthy.

There’s a large difference in a more organic based nacho than a greasy commercial brand potato chip. I’ll try not to mention any names (one almost just slipped right there). I’ve never been particularly fond of potato chips, yet corn and flour based tortilla chips have always been much more easily digestible for me. Many of these flour and corn chip products can be found to have far less sodium. Even more importantly, they can contain much less fat (polys,mono,sat).

Try to now think about your favorite snack. If you don’t think you have one, just think of one or two that you could chomp on right now without a moments hesitation. Some people like cupcakes, others like carrot sticks in onion dip. There’s huge scale in the snack world I think. Unfortunately, some of us just uncontrollably and unconditionally love and woof down the worst kind of junk food.

Others that may only understand dieting on very basic level can actually do very well in regards to their regular snacking consumption. Then there are those of us who went from the naughty end of this scale to highest and most educated side being the person going from the cupcakes all the way up to the carrot sticks.

But cupcakes taste way better than carrot sticks don’t they? I admit, they do. But aren’t both serving virtually the same exact purpose? Satisfying a hunger can be done either way, the choice is up to you. I say, find something in the middle of the snacking scale that you know you can warm up too. Carrots are pretty bland, but who’s to say you have to eat them alone? Find a dip that isn’t too fattening to enhance a snack like this one. The key is in finding something that isn’t nutritionally hurting you, maybe not entirely helping you, and mostly just satisfying you!

Here’s 3 things to be weary of as I must bring them to your attention.

- Eating Late

This is a no no. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. Its hard when the hunger strikes so abruptly and late at night. Especially when your favorite snack is staring you in the face just sitting there on the top of the fridge (well my case at least). If you absolutely must, then go for something really whole or organic just to fix the pain or growl. I’m sure your absolute favorite snack(s) in the world isn’t 100% healthy, and if it is, I tip my hat to you. After all, mine isn’t. But if you can work your way up to getting used to having a super healthy snack on the regular, then your in the clear.

- Variations

So with nachos and salsa I learned that I don’t necessarily need to have the same type all the time. I’ve tried probably over 50 different kinds of salsa in my lifetime and dozens of different flour and corn based chips. The commercial brand companies make imitation nachos. I distinctly remember having nachos from one of these major labels (which will go unnamed) and recall them tasting like butter and machine oil. About a month prior to eating that nonsense, I had a organic based, unsalted, whole grain type of nacho. They were on the expensive side, I’ll surrender that, but they were not only delicious, but really healthy.

- Trimming Down Portions

The older I got, the smaller of portions I prepared. Not just because I’ve become more educated in all this, but because I realized there’s no need for glutenous behavior in this lifetime, ever again. Here’s a good concept to hold onto. Don’t eat until your stuffed, but do eat when your hungry (even if it means something small).

Once I got my head wrapped around these 3 things, snacking became more enjoyable and less worrisome.

If I had to pick one snack now to have for the rest of my life, it shockingly enough wouldn’t be nachos with salsa. I’d pick fruit as my snack of choice simply because of how it makes me feel. I get energy from all those natural sugars, and I get all the nourishment I need, without the fat. Nachos and salsa were good to me over the years, but I’m not as hardcore of a nacho eater as I used to be. I’ve grown and learned the snack scale all the way from healthy to junk snacking. Now I am much more careful in my chip and dip selections.

So I encourage everyone to try and lock down one or two of your most favorite snacks. Learn about them further as I did with mine. You might be surprised in your findings. Really just ask yourself, what’s your favorite snack?

Healthy Minds Accompany Healthy Bodies

I think attitude is important in someones life. I can recall countless times where my attitude completely effected who I was as a person. However these periods that I went through when I was younger did teach me something very valuable. As now that I’m older and have a far better understanding of the world and the way the universe works, this mental clarification hit me like a bag of bricks in recent years.

A healthy mind promotes several things. Since this is an exercise and dieting blog I should probably mention that the readjustment of a healthier mind can promote a healthier body. The mind can influence many things on a physiological level. Crazy I know. Anyway, what hit me the other day was when I became frustrated over something work related. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out whatever it was that I doing. I started to notice not so much the stress itself, but stepping outside of my own shoes for a second and really see what this problem that I was facing was really doing to me.

I wasn’t breathing normally. I couldn’t stop grinding my teeth, which hurts a lot by the way if you do it hard enough. I couldn’t control the tension throughout several muscle groups as I was really tense all over. I noticed my head was really warm and it was hurting because of all the blood rushing in, out, and all around it. It almost felt for a brief moment like I was a prisoner inside my own body. And this is where I realized two huge things.

The first thing I realized was that the best way to counteract this brief, yet high stressed moment was to realize that it was a highly stressful moment. The more you step back and look at the outside of the issue itself, the better. I was able to reestablish composure by firstly slowing down the breathing. Then repeating to myself “your upset, calm down, its not worth it”. I think that was a huge tool for me was when understanding what was worth getting upset over and on a side note, how much something is worth getting upset over to begin with?

The last thing I did was walk away. That’s right, I simply walked away from the issue at hand. For this particular incident, I walked away for only about two or so minutes because that’s all I needed. I guess depending upon certain issues and challenges that we face in life, it depends on how long we can walk away from something before we approach the matter at hand again. I not saying that you should ignore problems you face, but having some cool down time is well deserved when you’ve put a lot of effort into something, did not attain what you saw as attainable, and aren’t satisfied until it is attained altogether.

The second thing that was realized is how the frustration itself morphed into stress and brief feelings of anxiety. Because of this anxiety, I started to physically do things I normally wouldn’t do as mentioned before. Also, the more upset I became the more my body negatively reacted to this as most notably my head felt like it was going to implode! So feelings and emotions manifested real physical pain. Its really scary the more you think about this concept. There was a connection where psychology influenced physiology and made the transition almost instantaneously once I let my frustrations get the better of me.

I believe I’ve mentioned this somewhere sometime here before, but this idea really fascinates and intrigues me. That is why I think bringing this concept to light is worth mentioning yet again. What we can all take away from this is be more careful with how we express are emotions and reactions. Well maybe not so much express, but more generally speaking just how we use them.

In terms of your health, I’ve always thought from day one that a regularly active and healthy mind is the golden ticket. Constantly stimulating your mind and body is what you want. Sure you can stimulate your mind through television, but how many advertisements can you watch until your walking around singing commercials for things that you don’t even use let alone like (in case you haven’t noticed, I virtually watch zero TV). Sure a little here and there won’t hurt, but there are so many other things you can be doing that can stimulate you mind far more than just being a couch potato.

For your body, in most cases it doesn’t matter what kinds of exercise your getting. Essentially as long as your out there doing it, your body will applaud this. Naturally we are social animals and have been all the way back to our primal ancestors. So social interactions or even better yet, being socially active through exercise can stimulate the mind and body simultaneously. That’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

Before I wrap up here I just want to reiterate something. The next time you feel a stress come over you, don’t let it take over you. You have to always in life try to remain in control, because losing control (especially emotional control) is always a recipe for disaster. There are dozens of studies that are and currently are being conducted out there on stress (which I’m sure the internet is littered with). What a lot of them say is that that stress can actually take off years from your life. Yes you heard right, years! I guess what their trying to say is that the more stressful of a life you lead, the sooner you’ll be in the grave. Sounds pretty grim, but it still does hold a significant amount of truth I think.

A healthy mind is an active mind where you’re continuing these mentally and physically stimulating activities day in and day out. But a huge point that I’m trying to make here is that a truly healthy mind knows how to handle anything presenting itself as potentially frustrating, stressful, complicated, or any type of issue proving to be troublesome in one way or an other. If you can slowly teach yourself how to deal and work through truly perplexing issues in life, the sooner you will understand what a virtually stress free life can feel like. And the real beauty in all this is that you can not only “feel” this channeled through the mind, but body as well.


Fitness and Food Connections

Guest Post by: Sasha Loncar

To really get fit, there are two things required. They are nutrition and exercise. These two things go together, because without good nutrition you won’t be able to reach your fitness goals.

What you consume as food is essential for the exercise that you need in order to reach your fitness goals. Good nutrition is very important for good health, and making these right kinds of choices can be very easy and rewarding for you.

But a diet to build muscle will greatly differ than a diet that’s geared towards losing weight and toning up. For muscle building goals you have to eat a lot protein, and increase the correct types of calories that you need. But for someone who wants to lose weight and tone up, the more suitable diet would include more carbohydrates and fewer calories. So when you consider your nutrition, you have to consider your fitness goals before you can embark on the right eating plan. Different diets are required for different needs.

Never go on a crash diet in order to lose weight quickly. It does not help because your body will only start storing extra fat when you begin eating normally again. And it will store more fat than what you had lost. So this is dangerous for your health. Malnutrition should never be conscious effort made by anyone trying to lose weight. When you are looking at your nutritional needs to go in hand with your fitness plan, ensure that your diet has all of the nutrients that you need.

Trying to reach your top fitness levels will not be successful unless you have the correct diet. When you begin planning your workout regimen, think carefully about what kind of diet will help get you to your goal. Get advice from experienced professionals if you do not know what kinds of food to stay away from, and what types you need regularly. Never make assumptions as this can be bad for your health.

The right type of steady detox diet plan combined with the right kind of exercise plan will improve your physical appearance, and ensure that you are healthy.

Eat less fatty and processed foods. But eat as many organic foods as you can. Look at raw food, it is an excellent way to give your body essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep your body in its best shape.

Nutrition and fitness are nothing without each other. This cannot be emphasized enough. To reach your true physical potential you need the right kind of nutrition to steer you down the right fitness path.

In order to get a toned, fit, and healthy body, you have to exercise on a regular basis. You also have to stay informed on what and when to eat.

  • Eat five small meals every day. Your body will not feel hungry, and you will not begin feeling tired in the middle of the afternoon when your blood sugar levels drop. Eating smaller meals regularly also helps to increase your metabolism, which will result in more fat being burned.

  • Don’t eat right before you go to bed. Your body will not be able to burn these calories while you are asleep. The fat will just be stored. Aim to eat no less than four hours before you go to bed.

  • Drink a lot of water. Water is the most important thing that your body is made of. We can survive for weeks without food, but only a couple of days without water. Water flushes out the toxins from the body, and it manages the temperature of the body. Always try to drink water on the regular.

  • Always have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal that you can have, and without it you will feel tired and lazy as your day progresses. Have something like oatmeal. This releases energy as the day progresses.

  • Protein is very important. It helps to rebuild your muscles, and to help you grow. So if you work out hard, you should make sure that you eat plenty of protein.

  • Place your food on smaller plates. Preferably use 9 inch plates instead of the 12 inch ones. You will realize that you eat less. Make sure that you chew slowly in order to give your body enough time to known when it is full. Once you feel full, stop eating.

  • Do not drink alcohol excessively. It slows the metabolism down, and makes you feel hungry. This is why the drive-through restaurants are open all night!

When you first start a fitness regimen, always keep in mind that nutrition plays a very important role in helping achieve your ideal fitness level. Exercise alone is not sufficient. So make sure that you complement your workout routine with the correct eating plan in order to reach your fitness goals.


About the Author: Sasha is the owner and author at Best Diets Plans where their sole purpose is to help people with weight problems as well as finding the best diets for those and their weight loss plans.


Fitness Euphoria

So yesterday I had an interesting revelation. Actually I don’t know how much of a revelation this can be because it wasn’t the first time that this has dawned on me. These bodily feelings combined with uplifting thoughts all meshed together and truly made me feel just better about myself. It wasn’t even so much about what I just accomplished, it was just that I was accomplishing to begin with. Just the sheer notion of it gave way to a truly uplifting feeling.

I know I’ve mentioned this to you guys before on my Exercise page in the introduction. It was bringing to light the concepts on how adrenaline dumps and the releasing of endorphin’s can greatly benefit your bodies natural and regular chemistry. But I’d like to expand on this just a bit more because it keeps on happening to me as a real experience. I like making recommendations to others on things that work for me (or that I’ve experienced), or something I know that I haven’t personally experienced, but would seem to hold and provide real value. Exercise is something that I do on a regular basis and I highly recommend it. But why? What can it really do for me you ask? Well let me tell you.

I was walking out of the gym I go to yesterday and something happened. Something unusually extravagant. I was actually having a bad day, and was upset earlier on from a number of different things. Still, I went to the gym and had a solid workout. As I was leaving something hit me. Something came over me that I never really could see until now because it took having a bad day to show me this. I went from being upset and irritable, to higher spirits all in the same day, and fairly quickly. For me, exercise seems to bring me a great sense of accomplishment, productiveness, and even happiness. So its not just about burning calories, losing weight, or toning your body anymore. I think exercise is the balance beam we hold when walking across the tight rope we call life.

Now enough about me. Let’s talk about you. How often do you exercise? That’s the first thing you should ask yourself. Is it enough, is it practically nothing, or is it even something like excessive? Maybe it isn’t so much about the amount itself. Exercise is really about two things. These are amount and intensity. Then its a matter of finding a way to balance these two principles in order to fit your lifestyle best. Once you find that balance, you’ll soon realize that your body is more awake. It feels different. Almost like your more alive.

It is my contention that the more you exercise regularly, the better you’ll feel. Additionally, the more of these highs and lows your body experiences throughout your week the better you’ll sleep, eat, and respond to others. Others will feel charged with your positive energy as it is emanating from you through a stronger more visible aura.

The more of these highs and lows the better. Your body actually craves variance. A static, lethargic, and sedentary lifestyle can even lead one down an actual path of health complications. Another golden rule of health is the less energy you expand or use, the less you’ll have. The body readjusts itself to your lifestyle so if your using very little energy all the time, your body will adjust itself to a lower power setting and run more of the time on this setting than not.

So variance is key. Mixing things up and knowing when to go hard, and when to take it easy. This idea can even be applied during your workouts. Maybe one day you didn’t catch as much sleep as you’d like so you already know because your a little sleepy you won’t be performing at your highest level. That’s fine. You can still get out there and move around, just don’t try setting any new records for yourself that day. Maybe you have a ton of energy and you don’t even know why. On days like these don’t even question it, just embrace it, and take advantage.

This fitness euphoria comes often I think. Sometimes it does maybe immediately following your workout, or maybe 1, 2, or even several hours following it. Similar to a satisfying meal, this feeling really tells your brain that your body is saying “hey good job today”. So the next time you have a good sweat try to acknowledge this more. You’ll notice that these feelings of rejuvenation and happiness are almost like a reward for your hard work. While this as your bonus, don’t forget what else you’ve taken away from a good workout. You burned some calories, tightened up some muscle, and probably lost some weight along the way.

So as you can see exercising can really doe a multitude of things for you. Fitness really is an important aspect of our lives. Even for those that live very busy working lives, I’d suggest trying to squeak in smaller based workouts here and there. As for the rest of us, its time to really just embrace fitness for what it is. The better terms you come to with exercising psychologically, the faster of a progression you’ll see with yourself and your body. In the end, the accompanying feelings through fitness are not only real, but can help give way to all new discoveries of self enlightenment.

Weight Loss Zen

It recently dawned on me that many people that I talk to about weight loss get uncomfortable discussing it even if they are ironically obsessed with it at the same time. How can this be? A shaky voice that sounds nervous or antsy usually is a sign. This sign that’s being relayed to me suggests that the individual is uncomfortable in their own skin. Please listen to what I’m about to say. You should never be uncomfortable in your own skin. This is not a healthy mindset and will only take you further down a mental state of anxiety and possibly depression.

Sure I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin before. I actually remember the last occurrence of this as it wasn’t too long ago. It was the environment that I was in (work related) that made me uncomfortable. I came off a lot of the time as not my true self. I immediately identified this and learned from it. The point here is that this was not a healthy environment and needed change fast in my life. But how can you change something like your environment right? Well you can’t, you can only change you and the choices that you make in life that put you into these environments.

So when it comes to someone and their actual body, that’s a whole other story right? Not necessarily. There are lots of things that can influence are behavior in life, especially with other people. Its good to always remind yourself about your true self, and who you really are. Its good to let productive, positive, and genuine people influence certain things upon you in life I say. On the flip side, there are many people that influence the way you think and interact with others in a very dark and negative light.

What’s even scarier is that most of these people put up the front that they are actually trying to convey that their message and ideals hold value. Realistically though they don’t and can pull the wool right over your eyes and bring you down to their level because that’s where they are. They don’t know how to get back up to a better mental state while remaining alone down there craving attention.

Negative energy channeled through conversation can feed on basically all other surrounding conversations. Positive energy and perception can only feed off of other positive energies. This is where it can get tricky because a negative person can disguise themselves as a positive person! What’s even more bizarre is that they can make someone believe that an actual negative view can be positive. For example, you can’t lose weight so you might as well be fat and “happy” for the rest of your life. Danger! Danger! Red alert! Red flag! Are you seeing this for what it really is now?

It’s wild to think about the people in our lives and how they can not only affect us, but can even go as far as changing us. Or persuading us in converting us over to their ideals, philosophies, and principles becuase according to them its the only logical way of thinking. An easy way to avoid all of this mind bending outside persuasion is to just recognize it for what it is. You’ve already identified that these occurrences exist just by reading this screwy little blog post.

Dizzy yet? I hope not because I’m not done. Let’s now focus on the matter at hand. So your 10, 20, 30, 50 lbs overweight and are highly subconscious. If anything this is a good thing because that shows that you care and take pride in your appearance. See it’s not about looking the hottest. It’s about being the most presentable, approachable, and all around best version of yourself. And a small part of this is managing your weight.

You want to have the full picture. This just meaning that you want to have all the pieces in place so that your appearance can match, or come close to matching the beautiful person that is inside you. A lot of people like to keep this person or part of their personality tucked away where it is just waiting and counting the days to jump out and meet the world! If this part of a person does exist (I believe it exists in us all), why keep it hidden?

If your a driven and motivated person and know that you not only can but will eventually hit your weight loss goal, why not start celebrating now? Have mini celebrations. Do a dance for every pound you burn off. Happiness isn’t what you make of it, its how you make it, and how often. It isn’t that hard to find either. You can find it in the smallest of microcosms.

So now your ready. Its time to X out the ones in your life that you know have 101 faces and start surrounding yourself with nothing but wholesome, energetic, positive, and productive people. That’s the first step. The second step is to stop waiting for happiness to come in the form of something unpredictable as shrinking your waistline. Listen, the happier you are while moving toward a goal like weight loss, the better your chances will be in achieving this goal. Something really loopy that I realized about people and even myself recently is that happiness and positive energy feeds off of itself even if it was self manifested.

That’s right, you can make yourself more happy just by recounting something recent that made you smile. Simple, yet true. Friends and family of course are the go to people for putting most of these thoughts and emotions inside you. But don’t forget you can lift your spirit all your own without anyone else’s outside influence.

Go now, and look deep inside yourself. Then ask yourself, did you like what you found? Some do and some folks don’t. And the ones that don’t usually don’t bother with ever looking inside themselves at all because they instinctively know that it would bother them. As a result, they never get to the root of many of their problems (including weight problems). Instead the setup distractions for themselves like Oprah and hard alcohol. (not those 2 together as that would result in a lot of crying)

Weight loss is simple really. If you research its concepts, principles, and recommended practices for not even 2 weeks you should already have a good firm grasp on it. Its up for you to decide where to go with it next. You have to make the decision to make a conscious and constant effort. How far your willing to push your limitations does take a fair share of personal reflection. If you are not ready to make a conscious effort there, you are not ready to lose weight.

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