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Remain Focused

It’s hard to give advice on personal matters, yet I still choose to do so. It’s hard to give guidance on individual issues to a mass general audience where it can translate as personal to everyone, yet I still try too. It’s hard to make recommendations to folks I’ve never met without knowing their unique situation, while remaining as personable as I can be; yet I still make the effort. Its hardest to always say the right thing when I know one slip up could mean I lose the trust and readership of someone indefinitely. And that my friends, encompasses briefly what it is exactly that I do here. So why make the effort? Why continue on? Because we’re only human. But we have something different or unique comparable to any other form of life on this planet. We have an immensely far deeper level of consciousness than any other life form out there that we are currently aware of.

So the question still remains. I can tell you why I still do what I do easily. Because it simply makes me, who I am. So the real question today is what again? What defines you? Why should you continue to strive towards losing weight when your only shedding some pounds here and there at twice the rate in time you predicted you would, with an equal amount of effort? Maybe, just maybe, that’s what separates you from the rest. That is a big part of what defines you. This part of your life shows clearly what kind of person you are. What level of determination your at, and where its going to lead you.

Your not good at exercise right? So you map it out. Day by day. Even repetition by repetition tracking your level of progress. One day, you’ll have if you haven’t already, a breakthrough. You’ll notice a change in yourself. You ran twice as far, you pushed your quadriceps far beyond what you initially thought they were capable of. What does this mean? It means your body is right there with you. It likes this sort of change and is willing to go the distance with you. You changed your mindset and now the body is willing to follow along. There will be pain, there will be hardship, and there will be roadblocks sort of speak. It all depends on how well you adjust to adversity. That’s the main point of interest here.

I’ve heard people completely transforming themselves and there bodies in under 4 months. Celebrities that have lost well over 50 to 100 lbs for a role. Now let’s stop for a second and think. How in the hell could they possibly achieve something like that? One word, dedication. They take their job seriously, understand the terms of their contract, and are ready and willing to go that extra mile. A hypothetical scenario is that if they didn’t take that role, nothing else would come around for them for a while and they would eventually fall out of the lime light finding themselves further and deeper into the shadows and away from the spotlight that they’ve become so accustomed to standing in. Ultimately they don’t just lose their job, they lose it slowly, painfully, and in devastating fashion knowing that they had a dream job that most people only fantasize about including themselves.

If you have an ultimate goal, never let it wonder too far from your thoughts. Don’t obsess over it at a constant. Let it be with you on a regular controlled reasonable level in your train of thought. You have to remain focused. You have a fitness threshold that you don’t just want to break, you want to shatter! You have a weight loss target in your cross-hairs, the question is how steady is your aim? How “controlled” or how “focused” are you really? Ask yourself right now what level of seriousness are you at, and what level are you willing to be at? This does honestly require a bit a seriousness. Yes you can find ways to have fun with this stuff like finding new healthy foods that you can enjoy, or a new physical activity that you could enjoy with friends or family. Maybe your happy with your overall approach to all this right now.

Either way, don’t take today’s lesson too lightly. I didn’t really break down a whole lot of factual information, but then I really didn’t have too. You want a fact? Its a fact that we are highly perceptual beings that react solely on the principles of what’s effecting us in the immediate physical dimensions that we exist in. What instigates, motivates, manipulates, and mainly influences us is our culture. Do me a favor and have yourself a double take on your own culture. I bet if it was edible it would put a sour, sweet, and bitter taste in your mouth all at once. Being an American I come from a culture known best for principles predominantly represented by examples like hamburgers and hand grenades (or war and fast food). All in all, where you put your weight loss and fitness goals is up to you. Don’t put them up on a pedestal, and at the same time don’t drop them on the floor. They’re like eggs and will break!  Keep them safe, stored, documented, and close by. But the best place to keep them however is closer than you might think. Hint hint, keyword think.



Diluting Drinking

Just had a quick thought that I’ve been meaning to get up on here but haven’t gotten around to it. Alas, it came to me so your in luck. When we drink a lot of times we don’t realize whats getting sloshed down our throats. Well for one a lot of naughty bits. Two, a lot of sugar! Three, calories based on sugars and carbon based drinks that have a lot corn syrup and high levels of fructose sweeteners and other sugar based additives.

These Pharmacological compounds are simply additives or sweeteners that have been produced chemically. Meaning, they are unnatural. Alright, enough with the science. I had break it down and put it out in the open. After all, that’s what I do here (uncover truths, secrets and the unknown). Point is, the more chemicals and additives, the worse. Now here’s a little trick I do with certain drinks.

Now most of the time, I only drink one thing and that is of course water. I do enjoy certain juices and teas and this trick can work with both of them. I wouldn’t recommend this with soda, although wouldn’t recommend drinking soda to begin with. Since water is the best fluid you can consume in terms of your health, I simply add it to whatever juice or flavored tea I’m drinking. You can thin it out 50-50, 60-40, or even 99-1. I’ve been doing this little move for about two years now and don’t plan to stop anytime soon because it also saves money! You’ll adjust your tastes and get used to it eventually. Remember its little things like this that can help you keep losing weight. I do about 75% water to 25% juice and can still enjoy the drink just as much while getting many more glasses out of the carton or bottle. Just give it a try and see for yourself. Oh yeah, one more thing, ice helps!

Verbalize, Self Hypnotize, Exercise

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we all didn’t have to put forth the realistic amount of effort towards anything (exercise and diet included) in order to achieve the goals we set out for in the first place? If it was easy enough to just instantly acquire or attain something, then were would that leave everyone? Satisfied? Perhaps, but life itself would slowly inch forward resulting in a very bleak existence for all of us. And why is this a justifiable presumption? Because we all would have nothing to work towards.

Of course life does not progress in this manner for any of us, now does it? Most of things that we set out to achieve for ourselves take a lot of hard work and dedication. Whether it’s getting good grades, learning how to drive, paying off that mortgage, or losing weight. We all know what it takes to get to where we want to be, or learn about how to get to that point when we’re on the way there.

So where am I going with this little concept? Nowhere really. I’m just trying to get the wheels spinning in your head a little. However there is a direct point to this post of course. It’s good to think about these things because the more you familiarize yourself with these ideas, the more in touch you will be with yourself and your goals.

Now onto the point. This is a little trick that I’ve personally added to my exercise routine and possibly even lifestyle as a whole. Verbalize before you leave for a jog or the gym or before any physical activity of choice that you do. Simply tell yourself that you are going to do it, and that you are going to do it well. Say it out loud. Then when you finish your workout, tell yourself that this was good and that you’ll be back again better and stronger. Become repetitive, keep telling yourself over and over that these are activities in your life that are positive, productive, and most importantly healthy.

That’s right folks, I do condone talking to yourself and repeating the same thing over and over again like a crazy person! It doesn’t have to be one word or phrase that you stick too and say over and over. Tell and give yourself lots of positive feedback after a good workout or a day filled with nothing but healthy fresh nourishment. This tactic will simply keep you focused and help you stay on track.

This is just another mental strategy that you can add to your arsenal. Nothing huge, and not even a recommendation. This is more of a suggestion. Who knows, you might learn of a similar tactic on your own from just hearing or experimenting with my little strategy. And from that self created strategy spawns another tactic or network strategies that ultimately leads to a system that works for you 100% perfectly. Who knows, sometimes it’s the last thing, or even the smallest most miniscule thing that can become a game changer for you.


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