101 Fitness and Weight Loss Quick Tips

We have a long one here for you today. Most blogging sites create this long 101 list for a number of reasons. The main reason being that it’s good for us, and of course most importantly good for you, the reader. Remember these are just quick tips so there won’t be any in-depth or detailed tips being delved into here. Hope you enjoy the list and can really use and apply some of these!

1. The more organic the better. Natural foods can be your best friend, you just have to invite them in.

2. Find a fitness friend. This can make exercise at least slightly more enjoyable when your in good company.

3. Find a healthy eating friend. Who knows, you might just learn a thing or two.

4. Find a fit friend who eats healthy. If and when you do, absorb as much information as you can from them.

5. Use different tools to get into the exercising mentality, music can be a great assistant for this.

6. Set a weight loss goal of X amount of lbs. within a certain time frame.

7. Repeat number 6 a couple times or break it up into smaller and smaller increments if too big a goal seems unattainable.

8. Shedding pounds fast is easy if your willing to go through a respectable amount of pain.

9. Try new exercises that you think you might like. They can get to a point where you forget your exercising all together.

10. Spread your wings and do something you’ve never tried before. This can be good in life regarding things even outside of losing weight or getting into shape.

11. Think like a fighter. Fight your way to your goal, don’t just push or try to reach it. Fight for it! This will strengthen your mentality.

12. Every once in a while its good to just step outside your own shoes and reevaluate yourself.

13. Superstition’s are as real as you make them.

14. Use your head! You and only you know what’s best for you even if you don’t think you do!

15. Ask yourself, how much pain are you willing to take in order to be where you want?

16. Ask yourself, how disciplined of a person are you? The more you are or can become, the better in the long run.

17. Think 10 lbs in 10 weeks versus 10 lbs in 10 days. They are both definitely attainable, but maybe finding a middle ground would suit you best?

18. 5 lbs in a week sure. How? Virtually nothing for 3 days. And for 4, solid exercise followed by light meals. Drastic, yes, but for some we have the extra to spare to easily shed amounts like this right off in no time.

19. Never dieted? Dive right in. You’ll feel great about it once you learn the ropes from sites like mine.

20. Effort is one thing, but putting in the time is another that we all have to take into account. This takes time, and time devoted.

21. Find a snack that you love that’s healthy. Then buy a ton of it! Now whenever your hungry, you have nothing to worry about.

22. Got a smart phone? There are some smart apps out there like calorie counters. Check them out!

23. Alcohol is just a beautiful thing I know. But it can hurt you in the dieting department if your not careful.

24. If you like drinking alcohol but want to stay healthy, look into wine, light beers, and other drinks that are health and fat safe.

25. Speaking of which, red wine can actually help you more than hurt you when consumed in moderation.

26. Smoking can be a killer, literally. But it can also slow you down in the exercise department.

27. If you are a smoker, a great new safe alternative that has helped many quit is the E-cigarette.

28. Tired, coffee can help, but so can water. Water? Yes, hot or ice cold water on your face!

29. OJ okay. An old expression. Orange juice is good juice. However there are some bad.

30. Hawaiian Punch is an example of a not so good juice. Its a sugar overload.

31. There’s a previous post on juices and a little trick on how to drink them. Even ones like Hawaiian Punch.

32. Take a look in the mirror. It’s just a shell, its not you entirely. You are much more than your fleshly exterior.

33. Cut out the garbage. You know what I’m talking about.

34. If you want to cheat on your diet every now and then sure, go ahead. Whatever it is, just be sure its small.

35. Push a hard pace. But a steady pace. Pace is the key to exercise. So, pace yourself!

36. Identify 3 major issues your having with your diet and exercise plan.

37. Once you’ve done #36, create and map out an entirely new plan for each issue and take these top 3 very serious.

38. Sometimes forcing something can backfire.

39. Instead of forcing something that isn’t working, try something else that addresses the same issue.

40. Music can be a good motivator or assistant when your in you’re exercise zone.

41. The times have changed, but good old fashioned solid body movement hasn’t.

42. Fancy equipment is nice and can help, but it isn’t always the answer.

43. Your body is like a machine, you’d be shocked at how far it can go.

44. The first moment you truly surprise yourself with a physical performance is a great sign.

45. Set your standards high when it comes to exercise.

46. Set your standards reasonably when it comes to dieting.

47. There are no shortcuts in getting into extremely good shape. It takes hard work and years of dedication.

48. You should want to dedicate yourself to something that you know is good for yourself.

49. Technique always wins over brute force. Learn the proper technique’s first. Then apply brute force once you’ve learned them.

50. The stronger your spirit is, the stronger your performance is.

51. Don’t get angry at this, get motivated to win at it if it isn’t going your way.

52. When frustration occurs, take a step back, take a breather, and regroup. Tomorrow is another day.

53. Find 3 key exercises your good at, then stick to them. If you get tired of one or two of them, you’ll still have one or two left.

54. Pain is temporary. Results last. Its a good trade off when you think about it.

55. If you don’t have a burning desire to lose weight, you won’t. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.

56. Losing weight is like painting a beautiful masterpiece. Your body just so happens to be the canvass. You’ll know when your done.

57. Find someone that inspires you. Try to follow in their footsteps.

58. Find someone that you can really learn from that has insightful meaning to their words, and that you know you can learn a thing or two from. (wink wink) and another (wink)

59. Genetically we are not all blessed in the departments that we wish we were blessed in. Acceptance is the first step.

60. The second step to #59 is to suck it up and start swinging for the fences people! Take action and attack these departments.

61. Your endurance isn’t what it used to be. Only one way to get back to where you where and that’s trying to match what it was you used to do.

62. Your in better shape now then you ever were in your entire life. Now what? Time to raise the stakes again. (and yes I’m not kidding)

63. There are different levels of being in shape. I used to think I was at the top. But there are people out there who are not pro athletes that blow me out of the water to a point where I cannot even compare myself to them and there level of physical fitness.

64. #63 cont. – So always understand that the point of #63 is to remind us that there’s always and I mean ALWAYS room for improvement even if you are headed in the right direction.

65. Fruit. Eat it. Everyday.

66. Vegetables are probably the healthiest food group generally speaking that you can consume.

67. Try warming up to certain veggies since #66 is generally and arguably true.

68. Sauces can be tricky. Usually the healthy ones taste chalky and the good ones will absolutely destroy your weight loss goals.

69. You haven’t had a good workout unless your sweating. Profusely.

70. If you feel like your lungs are caving in and your starting to taste a hint of blood, pull it back and walk it out for as long as you need too. Then get right back into whatever routine you were doing.

71. Hesitation is way worse than you think. Never ever hesitate. At anything for that matter.

72. You can remain cautious, but being hesitant is the worst thing you can do for yourself.

73. Procrastination is like the little devil that sits on your shoulder. Don’t listen to them.

74. Stepping outside your comfort zone is when it will all start to make sense for you.

75. Don’t try to know when to quit. Don’t figure that part about yourself out.

76. You feel the odds are stacked against you, this should just make you want it more.

77. Your starting to come out on top. Still, don’t give yourself any excuse to slow it down. Keep pace. See #35

78. Don’t ever obsess over this or anything for that matter. Have focus, patience, and determination.

79. Carbohydrates are what keep us going. You have to understand this food group well to succeed.

80. Fiber can be your best friend.

81. Anti-Oxidants are on the level of magical in my humble opinion. Research them if you don’t already know what they are.

82. In dieting don’t go for the knockout, go for the decision. Fight the good fight as long as possible.

83. In exercise go for the knockout, don’t go for the decision. Every session you have, swing for the fences. However, every once and a while you can have light day.

84. Stop making excuses for yourself. That’s on the same level as lying to yourself.

85. The best way to change ourselves is to change the way we think, then change the way we act those thoughts out. Change is usually seen accomplished in this order.

86. Your gassing out. Find something that reminds you of why your doing what it is your doing. Maybe a charm on a necklace or something.

87. Revamp your lifestyle with one thing that distinctly stands out that you do now that you didn’t do before. Like rock climbing.

88. Use all available resources at your disposal. I give the internet huge praise as one example for this as I am a site owner myself and know the power it holds.

89. Starring down the barrel of a loaded gun? Stare back. I know thick skin doesn’t come overnight but you’ll be needing if you want to succeed in dieting and exercise.

90. My pace is starting to slow down considerably writing this post! But I can see the finish line. So I know I must push on and finish strong. No turning back now.

91. Find deep down inside you what motivates you. Sum this up into one phrase, sentence, or even one word. Go back to it and tell yourself it over and over whenever the tough gets going.

92. Are you an underdog? I always was. Don’t prove it to the world guys. It’s more important and self gratifying to prove it to yourself.

93. Protein promotes healthy muscle growth and development in both men and women. Try and eat fresh and hearty portions protein daily. Meats, eggs, milk, etc.

94. Your muscles will never grow stronger, bigger, or firmer without protein being regularly incorporated into your diet.

95. Work stress can carry on and out of the office into your personal life (trust me I’ve been there). Try to block it out of your mind when your doing anything fitness related.

96. #95 cont. – I understand that sometimes the stress carried over is too great from work. If that is the case take the day off from any strenuous physical activity you had planned. You’ll be back tomorrow.

97. Take power naps. Use an alarm so you don’t nod off. (anywhere from 15-45 minutes)

98. Swimming is a full body workout. If your looking for a new workout and if you’ve never tried swimming laps, I dare you. Its more challenging than you know. Just give it a shot, you’ll see what I mean.

99. Take a multivitamin! These are good. Just be careful with ones that have crazy amounts of Vitamins B6 and B12.

100. Mix your routine up like mixed veggies! Jump rope, swim, jog, elliptical, free weights, resistance machines, sports, floor exercises, etc etc the list goes on!

101. Okay guys this has gone on long enough! Thanks for checking out our 101 tips list. Any # that you’d like to hear more about feel free to shoot me a message. I may be turning some of these into posts in the future anyway. Final tip, stop reading about tips and go use the ones that apply to you! See you soon!

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