Hey guys, I’m Paul Nelson and welcome to my site. My general goal here is to be your healthy helper. I’m here to assist you in as many ways as humanly possible. Here you’ll be able to access tons of information covering a board spectrum of topics that all fall under healthy living. There will also be links to different products that you can check out at your leisure. I’ve decided to create this website to help out as many people as I can. I have extensive knowledge in dieting, weight loss, core-strengthening exercises for your lower back pain etc. Hopefully you’ll not only be able to learn a thing or two from me, but from other experts, enthusiasts, products, and maybe even each other . So let’s get crackin’ because what I’ve learned over the years is that the more you learn about your own health, and the more initiative you take, the better you feel about yourself overall. It’s a perfect cycle translating from and through mind to body and vice-versa.

It’s cool to find out what works effectively for yourself perhaps better than the person next to you. Hey, we’re all snowflakes. The beauty of our kind lie’s in the differences in people not the similarities. Here, I’m just a conduit relaying helpful genuine information while bouncing ideas off of you guys. It’s entirely up to you which tips, products, techniques, etc you want to walk away with. These products, programs, and services that are being provided to you have been carefully scrutinized and reviewed with utmost attention to details and legitimacy.

I like helping out others and lending them a hand, it’s just in my nature. It feels better to give than receive, that’s an old expression, but undeniably true, well, for most of us, right? Okay, let’s all center ourselves and focus on the why we’re here. We are here, to better ourselves by advancing our strategies in living healthier lifestyles, which ultimately leads to improving our overall quality of life. And that’s it!!! Whew I’m pumped, can’t you tell? I’m excited and motivated to do this and so should you. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my intro, I guess.


Rock on!

Products – Goodies goodies goodies, I love goodies. I give away  workout guides, weight loss secrets, training plan for 5k to 10k marathons and more! I love that feeling you get when you acquire something new that you know will be of great value and use to you. Oh, well what do you know, those are the only types of products I’m going to be marketing/promoting here so your all in luck. I’m the one doing the work for you sifting through endless directories and digital stores for hours into the night into morning; back into night again. My eyes are not only bleeding at this point, but I think I’m going crossed too. Awesome. If only someone was benefiting from this rigorous torture that I’ve consciously decided to volunteer for to endure, over and over again. Oh that’s right, you guys are. Enjoy the fruits of my labor. Rock on…


I’m going to be pretty cut and dry here. The more pain you inflict on yourself, the better for your muscles. I know, I know. What the hell is he talking about? In my experience, when it comes to exercise and training your body, the cliché expression “no pain, no gain” couldn’t get any realer. That’s right kids, the more punishment your muscle tissue endures, the better the results. Why do we torture ourselves? Why do we constantly put ourselves through painful routines’ without getting instant gratification? A strange phenomenon indeed you would agree? Isn’t that some sort of weird sadomasochistic fetish when people inflict pain upon themselves or on others? Not quite.

Truth be told, the longer you stick with certain exercises and routines, the more trained your muscles become. This results in less pain, resulting in better form over time. It’s not only a perfect circle, but an endless one the longer you stick to a certain workout plan. So go ahead, burn those muscles until they catch on fire. It’s all good for you in the end. What will eventually happen is certain muscle groups will say “up, I guess we should build more here or tighten up; after all we go through this every week”. Then less strain is put on you when these groups communicate on a natural level.

The higher the intensity of your workout, the better you evolve overtime. The body likes experiencing highs and lows. Much like how a really good song has this pattern. The same concept applies with a good comedian where they can go wild in spurts and sprints, but then bring it down to baseline. You could even incorporate this into your individual routine. For example, turning the treadmill all the way up, then bringing it back down to a slow strut. When thinking about your body and the word fire comes to mind when you’re in the concluding moments of your workout, that means you had a good one. That’s what I used to use judge my routines sort of as a mental marker. Maybe this could provide some help and insight into your daily routine. Hope this helps!


Ah yes, the nectar of the Gods.

Guess what? Wine is actually good for you. Well, red more so than white.

But none the less, wine can have positive effects on your overall health. Now I’m not talking about gulping down an entire bottle, but when taken in moderation, it can help.

Because wine contains non-alcoholic elements such as phytochemicals, or naturally occurring plant compounds, wine can reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and slow the progression of neurological degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

On the contrary, if you drink it in excess to what the daily recommendation is, then certain health risks could go up. What is the daily dose that science recommends? One or two glasses a day is right where you want to be in order to reap the benefits of wine.

Wine can also raise your HDL cholesterol levels. This is the good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein) that’s carried throughout the blood stream. In time, the blood can be thinned out with wine.

Remember, the thinner the better.

The thicker your blood, the increased chance there is of getting a clogged artery or even blockage that could lead back to the heart which could be potentially life threatening.

If you want clean clear blood, wine could lend a helping hand in that respect. However, wine drinking does have some downsides. If you drink a little too much you can get headaches or migraines.

Some studies show weight gains in those that consume more than the recommended amount. Hey not trying to sound like broken record, just don’t drink that much and you’ll be fine.

So the big winner here for wine is that it’s good for your blood, and even your heart.

Antioxidants, which are found in the alcoholic side of wine, are also very good for your system. They help clean and regulate the circulatory system.

And for those of you who didn’t pay attention in science class, if your circulatory system is happy, usually so is your respiratory system is as they both work in one form of congruence or another to each other. Alright enough of the science talk.

I myself have only recently discovered the true wonders of wine. It does require a mature taste, but I’d recommend wine to any adult who hasn’t at least tried it.

Yes, there are beer drinkers, vodka swiggers, and martini sippers, I get it.

But wine isn’t an intimidating drink at all. It’s worth a try to those that think it’s only for white Anglo Saxon Protestant aristocrats in the 19th century. C’mon guys, coming from an alcohol enthusiast, there’s actually booze out there that’s good for you!

Hello, is anybody home?

Wine also gives you a nice sensation of relaxation and fizzles your demeanor down to a mild cool.

It ices the hot, and burns the frost leaving you somewhere in the middle. Wow, now I can see why wine has taken certain degrees of culture by storm.

From wine tasting events, to professional wine researchers, to the thousands that make their own; I think we can all see why wine deserves a badge of honor being a good human idea, combined with a great gift from Mother Nature.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question before probably because you genuinely don’t know the right answer. But I think I can help. You have to ask within reasonable expectations of course, what is the optimal weight for yourself.

We are looking for the weight at which your body functions with the most energy while tracking substantial nutritional income. Everyone’s is different.

You want to find a balance or medium where you have energy to go out and actually perform a sufficient amount of physical activity where your body has enough fuel to run on.

If you’re starving all the time because your diet consists of nothing, you’ll never get out the door. But you can lose weight gradually while burning fat and hardening muscle in a simultaneous fashion.

This might seem like a hard concept to wrap your head around, but it all amounts to your management skills.

Maybe you already have some, you just don’t know it yet, maybe you have none, maybe you make a living as a type of manager in the working world, or maybe you have absolutely no idea what talking about.

Let’ break it down so that you guys better understand what I’m trying to say, while I don’t go off on a tangent. With today’s wonders of modern technology and science you can measure and track your caloric intake with all sorts’ of methods. My buddy even uses an app on his i-phone.

Crazy right?

Maybe not. From what I’ve seen the more scrutinizing you are with yourself, the better. Give yourself just enough “fuel” to get going and getting on with your day. Then when it comes time for the fitness portion of the day, let it all hang out. Seriously, don’t hold back and use every ounce of energy you have.

If you go back and check in my other article, remember how I talked about how the body likes these highs and lows, well I wasn’t kidding. Why would I write a whole piece just on that? Because it’s that important guys.

Other pluses to giving all your energy to a workout routine are, well the list goes on. A big one, that I know we all like, and need, is that you’ll sleep like a baby.

If you expanded most of your energy for the day, your body eventually says “okay, enough, time to crash”. This crash is good. A funny way of describing it is the harder you exercise, the harder you sleep.

And the harder you sleep, the more refreshed and awake you are when you wake up.

When it comes to your weight, some people have to realize they weren’t meant to look like sticks. So many young women today want this, especially the overweight ones. What they don’t realize is that a lot of these models portrayed in the media do the exact opposite of what is healthy.

They take dangerous dieting pills that can kill you, while starving themselves is basically they’re day to day routine. Sound like a healthy fun life to you? I didn’t think so. Remember, your perfect shape may not be the one of a model, but hey, at least you’ll be healthy.